Webinar – The Science of Scaling

Webinar - The Science of Scaling

During the second webinar of the Data-Driven Agronomy Community of Practice’s series ”Ingredients for Scaling”, Daniel Jimenez, Leader of the Community of Practice, and Lennart Woltering, Scaling Catalyst, will host this session to moderate: What is the science of scaling and what have we learned so far? What critical knowledge gaps are yet to be filled? What are the roles and responsibilities of researchers and R4D centers, and how can development and research organizations learn from each other for sustainable change at scale?

-Hayley Price-Kelly, Program Officer, Evaluation; International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
-Marc Schut, Senior Innovation and Scaling Scientist at IITA

Your Access Flooring: Why You Need To Avoid Corrosive Chemicals

So, you’ve got your access floor and want to clean it. You need to make sure that you avoid corrosive materials.

Fun Facts About Broadcast Radio and Cable TV in America

We’re in the modern age of cable, using it for television, Internet, and even phone. Let’s travel back in time to explore a few key milestones.

Managed IT Services – Let Someone Else Figure IT Out

Managed IT services offer a lot of variety for corporations in all of their IT needs, from voice and network services to data storage. These services can also ensure your business runs smoothly despite natural disasters and other hindrances.

The History Of Precision Machining

Precision machining is the process by which a product is machined and measured to incredibly exacting standards. In order for something to be truly precision it will need to have the correct dimensions, satisfactory limits, tolerances and allowances.

The CNC Machining Process

CNC machining is an evolution to the milling process. This something which uses rotating cutters in order to remove excess materials from a block of material, whether that is wood, metal or plastic.

What Is Physical Security Information Management?

Security has the potential to be very expensive, but by using physical security information management systems it becomes very easy to increase your security capabilities without spending a huge amount of money. Learn more in this article.

Great Hosting Options For Web Start-Ups

As a start-up, you are most likely having financial challenges and you are looking for a hosting plan that is cheap and offers you high quality services. If you are a start-up and you are having financial problems, here are some options that you can go with: Shared hosting – There are many companies that you can go with in this category. The most popular ones are Bluehost, HostGator, and GoDaddy.

How to Incorporate PSIM Into Your Business

PSIM or ‘physical security information management’ dates back to 2006, and since then has grown and improved to the level where it can benefit almost any business. Learn more in this article.

About Cloud Computing

Cloud hosting is a popular term and if you are interested in hosting your website, you need to know what the term means. If you are new, cloud hosting is a plan that works on the concept of divide and rule where the resources required in maintaining your website are spread across many servers and as a result the chances of downtime are greatly reduced.

How to Password Protect Your USB Drive?

Data security has always been a cause of concern for users across the globe. From installing anti-virus programs to password protecting your computer devices, users don’t hesitate to walk the extra mile when it comes to safeguarding their data. After all, if the data falls into the wrong hands it could lead to disastrous sequences, couldn’t it?

How to Protect the Data in Shared Folders?

Shared folders are extremely common if you are working in a commercial set-up because everyone is using the same basic information. But, there are times when you may not want everyone to have access to the data in the shared folders. For such situations, where you feel that your shared data is at the risk of falling in the wrong hands, password protection can be an extremely useful solution to address the problems.

3 Key Components to Identify Professional Logo Design Artist

You may find the marketplace flooded with many people tagging themselves a professional logo design artist. Can you bet your money on them only for dismay? Or better you change your mind and do it yourself? Stop worrying and read on the 3 top components that will take you closer to the right person!

Awesome Wearable Technologies to Try Today

As we begin to talk about the internet of things, we keep coming back to wearables. Interestingly (but not surprisingly), technology has entered into every part of our lives–even the things we wear.

About Laptop And PC Recycling

Recycling is a system through which redundant and used products are collected, processed, and used in making new products. Due to the rapid technological advancements, computers are quickly becoming obsolete as newer versions are developed every day. Obsolete devices can’t be disposed carelessly because they contain harmful toxins such as lead oxide, nickel, zinc, mercury and cadmium. Due to this, it’s paramount that you consider recycling the devices.

Strategy For IT Asset Disposal

It’s common for businesses to get rid of old computers. Since IT assets usually have personal information, it’s important to dispose them properly. This calls for you to come up with a disposal strategy. The strategy should contain the following information:

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