Webinar – The Art of Scaling

Webinar - The Art of Scaling

In our second webinar in our series ‘Ingredients for Scaling,’ we discussed the science of scaling, but what are the implications of scaling on the management of projects and programs, the role of leadership, local ownership and collaboration? What are useful tools and tips for practitioners who want to reach sustainable change at scale?

The webinar also covers the challenges of mainstreaming a scaling agenda and approach systematically into development institutions.

Daniel Jimenez, Leader of the Data-Driven Agronomy Community of Practice, and Lennart Woltering, Scaling Catalyst, host this session to moderate the webinar on the art of scaling.

How to Fix Windows Application Errors

“Advapi32” is one of the DLL files installed with the Windows Application Programming Interface (API) to load specific programs. It works in executing Advanced “Windows32” core APIs with various common controls in the DLL library.

How to Fix Windows Process File Errors

“WOWEXEC” is regarded as a Windows process file. This supports the utilization of 16 bit processes in operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and other versions of Windows.

How to Fix an “Api-Ms-Win-Core-Console-L1-1-0” Error

“Api-ms-win-core-console-l1-1-0” is a type of “ApiSet Stub” “DLL” (dynamic link library) version. This is commonly preinstalled using Windows 7 and has a file size of around 3 kilobytes. If you look at this dynamic computing application set closely, you will notice that this type of file is very small.

How to Fix Extensible Storage Engine Errors

Extensible Storage Engine or “Esent” for Microsoft Windows, is a shared library for “volmgrx.sys bsod” and “es” in PC installed with Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows 8, including 64 and 32 bit operating systems. This dll is related to up to 1684992 system files and the majority of it are utilized to execute software programs.

How to Fix CD-ROM Redirector Errors

Mscdexnt is a CD-ROM redirector that allows the CD-ROM to access from MS-DOS. This exe command is an external command which is available in Windows 95, Windows ME, Windows XP, all versions of MS-DOS, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

How To Fix Peer Name Resolution Protocol Service Errors

The “pnrpsvc” is a part of Microsoft Windows OS. It is a system and hidden file, located in the system folder and the usual size is around 269,824 bytes.

How to Fix a System File Error

Blue screen concerns, unexpected restarts, and application-launch failures may be the result of “FWPKCLNT sys” errors. While others can be repaired automatically by your operating system after it has crashed, some cases of these errors require your input.

How to Fix a Windows Update Error

If it is your first time to encounter an error while running “wuauclt”, “What is this?” may be the question on top of your head. Since it can affect regular Windows and system processes, seeing a message of some sort, which suggests a flaw in the execution, may be worrisome.

How to Fix a Preview Handler Surrogate Host Error

By following a number of procedures, a “prevhost” application error can be resolved. Since it can disrupt the processes of some programs and even infect these with virus or malware, which can cause program or system instability, it poses a threat to your operating system.

How to Fix “Tasklist” Error

“Tasklist.exe” is a Microsoft Windows program that lists the processes that are currently running within the computer system. It is available in Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista. If you’re using Windows, you probably have it.

How to Fix an Inkjet Printer Error

“Cnb_0301 dll” is a program that allows an Inkjet Printer to run on a computer. A “dll” or a dynamic-link libraries file is a computer process that allows the simultaneous operation of similar programs.

How To Handle An Optic Cable

Proper handling of a fiber optic cable is important for the cable to last for a long time. To guide you on how to handle it here are tips that you should follow: Always protect the exposed fiber end from getting into contact with hard surfaces. This is because the fiber will most likely scratch or chip the end when it comes into contact with the hard surface. You should also avoid touching the exposed fiber with your finger as this will leave an oil residue that will interfere with transfer of information.

How to Fix Command-Line Utility Errors

“Wdsutil” is a registry file used in conjunction with “W32UIRes” and “binkw32” files. They are commonly associated with Windows 8 operating systems but are also in Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

How to Fix Software Quality Management Application Programming Interface

“Sqmapi” stands for Software Quality Management Application Programming Interface. It is a Microsoft Windows SQM client DLL file and is not considered a threat to your computer.

How To Fix System and File Errors

Even the best computers encounter system and file errors. The best thing to do when problems related to an msdt.exe occurs is to know what it is and to identify the root of the problem.

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