WEBINAR SERIES – Big Data & COVID-19: Bridging gaps & building resiliency (Eps. 5)

WEBINAR SERIES - Big Data & COVID-19: Bridging gaps & building resiliency (Eps. 5)

The fifth episode of our Discussion Series: Big data solutions to COVID-19 & food security, brought together four panelists to discuss bridging gaps and building resiliency with digital agriculture platforms.


♦ Stephanie Dizon, Head of Implementation, FarmForce
♦ Aashna Singh, Co-Founder, MoooFarm
♦ Shahid Akbar, CEO, Bangladesh Institute of ICT Development
♦ Zeituna Mustafa, Market Engagement Manager, GSMA

MODERATOR: Marianne McDade, Head of Communications, CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture


In times of crisis, big data tools can help us make sense of and respond to crises with agility and accuracy.
From using satellite remote sensing to monitor crop harvests to leveraging social media data to track population dynamics that may influence the spread of disease, big data tools and approaches have been instrumental in sensing and responding to the pandemic’s impacts on global food security and supply chains.

As we begin recovering and (re)building resilient food systems, we must leverage the power of big data to examine concepts of resilience and inform our understanding of how digital dynamism enables adaptive food systems in the face of shocks, and, in the longer term, addresses systemic issues in agriculture that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis.

The fifth panel, held 28 July, brought together four panelists to discuss bridging gaps & building resiliency with digital agriculture platforms.

How to Fix Dynamic Link Library Errors That Are Related to Windows 8

“Nvwgf2um dll” is a dynamic link library (DLL) file related to Windows 8 Pro. Like other types of DLL files, this is a relatively small program.

How to Fix Dynamic Link Library Errors

Computer games have taken the world by the storm in the past few decades, captivating the hearts, minds, and wallets of both the young ones and the once young. The resulting demand for high-quality video games led to a lot of gaming companies releasing increasingly high-tech software and hardware on the market.

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One thing I learned from being in the mortgage banking business is that you need to have a basic understanding of what your IT/Web Marketing department is hoping to accomplish. If you can give them guidance or at least understand the basics of what they are talking about, your team will better appreciate your suggestions to improve the project. Cascading Style Sheets also known to the technical world as CSS is a way in which the look and feel or the interface of a markup language can be described.

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When you are to run a program in your PC, there are times that system glitches occur. These glitches can be traced mostly in the SYS files that are installed together with your Windows operating system.

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The Massive Appeal of Cloud Computing Explained

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Impact and Application of Fiber Optics Technology

The fiber optics technology has revolutionized this large world with its light carrying capability through a small fiber, which is slightly thicker than human hair. The technology is offering its services in myriad of application at different sectors worldwide. This flow of light is touching almost everything from telecommunication on space to lightening the ocean. The development and application is kept growing like a never ending list.

How to Use Gestures to Navigate in Your iPad

There are numerous things that you can do with your iPad. However, if you are not yet well-versed with gestures and navigation then things can get a bit sticky. The swipes, gestures and button presses are convenient way of navigating through stuff easily. There is nothing complicated about it, the only thing that matters is that you should know how to use the gestures for better navigation.

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Our Top Gaming Keyboards list is hot off the press. Here are the must-have features that are most important to modern day gamers.

Secure Data Destruction

Secure data destruction is any method that brings about complete data destruction in a media. After destruction, the data should not be retrievable by any means. The good side is that there are a number of effective methods of secure data destruction: Paper media This includes books and any paper written material. If you have any paper that contains sensitive information, it should be shredded. To help you with the shredding, you should have a shredder in your home or office.

What’s The Difference Between CRM, DAM, ERP And MIS – And Why You Should Integrate Them With W2P

CRM, DAM, ERP and MIS are particularly important to printers who want to automate management of their production operations, and especially so if they plan to integrate web-to-print portals with their businesses. Here’s a guide to what these acronyms mean, the differences between them and how they can be made to work in conjunction with a print e-commerce portal to deliver maximised throughput and profitability.

Protecting the Future Through a Helping Hand

Children are the future of the world. However, they need proper education to be the meaning they should be to that future. The truth is that the world cannot develop if there are no children and if the children are not well educated. It is only through education that they get to know who they really are and how to unlock their paths to greatness for a future that is successful. It is no wonder that education is said to be the key for the future. Without an education, it can be very hard to set life goals, find out what they are good at and put in measures that make them better at what they are already good at. Education opens new doors for higher opportunities too.

Restoring Educational Hope in Poor Schools

Poor schools offer poor education for lack of necessary resources and educational materials and equipment necessary to help children grasp education in the best possible of ways. The future of the world relies on the school going children since it transforms them into the future successful engineers, doctors, lawyers and innovators or entrepreneurs who not only develop a community but also the world at large. Apart from making education accessible to the children, they deserve to be given quality education.

Extending Science and Technology to the Less Fortunate

Education is very important at all the levels. It is what grows every child into an achiever in the future doing what he or she is best in and loves doing. In as much as the theory classes are important in ensuring that the children get the concepts of what they are learning, it becomes even easier for them when they can see models of what they are learning or get to put into practice what they have learnt in class through experiments or practical classes. It is for this reason that schools have chemistry labs, physics lab and even biology labs and computer labs. They are all intended to help them put into practice what they have learnt.

Developing Third World Countries Through Science and Technology

Third world countries are considered to be the poorest countries on the globe. They are the countries that rely mostly on international aid to meet with most of their needs for the sake of keeping the economies of the countries running. The countries are faced with plenty of challenges as far as keeping up with the needs of their populations is concerned. Without aid, it would be practically impossible for the countries to rise from their troubles and to make strides towards being developed and out of the third world country category.

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