WEBINAR SERIES – Big data & COVID-19: Bridging gaps & building resiliency (Eps. 4)

WEBINAR SERIES – Big data & COVID-19: Bridging gaps & building resiliency (Eps. 4)

The fourth episode of our Discussion Series: Big data solutions to COVID-19 & food security, brought together four panelists to discuss bridging gaps and building resiliency with digital agriculture platforms.


♦ Sophie Rottmann, Project Manager, Mediae Company
♦ Ashu Sikri, Product Strategist, Digital Green
♦ Mousumi Das, Associate Fellow, National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER)
♦ Carlos Castellanos, Co-Founder and COO, Cultivando Futuro

MODERATOR: Hannah Craig, Communications Deputy, CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture


In times of crisis, big data tools can help us make sense of and respond to crises with agility and accuracy.

From using satellite remote sensing to monitor crop harvests to leveraging social media data to track population dynamics that may influence the spread of disease, big data tools and approaches have been instrumental in sensing and responding to the pandemic’s impacts on global food security and supply chains.

As we begin recovering and (re)building resilient food systems, we must leverage the power of big data to examine concepts of resilience and inform our understanding of how digital dynamism enables adaptive food systems in the face of shocks, and, in the longer term, addresses systemic issues in agriculture that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis.

The fourth panel, held 21 July, brought together four panelists to discuss bridging gaps & building resiliency with digital agriculture platforms.

What Are The Attributes Of A Great Web Team?

We’ve established a strong team with a clear vision and core values. Doing so establishes a high-performing in-house team with a focus.

Business IT Support Services – Getting IT Benefits to You

People working in Business IT Support Services are often something of a hybrid individual. They may have very impressive Information Technology skills but also a background in certain areas of various business operations. The idea is that they are able to speak both the business and IT languages, meaning that pragmatic solutions to problems or opportunities are identified and implemented.

The World’s First Computer

Archeologists have discovered what is almost certain to be part of the world’s first computer to be constructed. It was found at the bottom of the Aegean Sea would you believe. What is incredible is that it’s an analog computer built in 60 BC. Scientists are now searching for the crucial second piece in the jigsaw puzzle to solve the mystery of what it really is and how it works.

Television Ads And Everyone

We are all aware it affects individuals, but not many of us know how much impact television commercials have. Most of us assume we are largely resistant to its impact, thinking it merely informs us. Truth be told, television commercials have way more influence on every one of us than we realize or simply might even image.

Why Should You Use The Electronic Document Management Service?

The electronic document management service involves the process of collecting, recording and preserving data in an digital form. This data is stored in a secured network system where only a few selected individuals can have access to it.

Google Glass Now With Real-Time Emotion Detection App

The latest update on Google Glass is its newly created first real-time emotion detection app, which is developed by Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. The app is quite phenomenal as it accurately detects one’s age and gender. The app works on-board that is, the cloud is not used. This is because the data used might be sensitive and thus, never leaves the Glass device.

About Valve Amplifiers

A valve amplifier is a guitar amplifier that makes use of vacuum tubes. The devices started being used in the early 20th century and they were used in a variety of applications such as telephone technology. They were also used as super computers during the Second World War. Unlike the solid state Amps, these devices are powered by vacuum tubes and not by solid-state electronics.

Mobile Content Market Trends and Opportunities 2011 – 2017

The mobile content market covers many forms of media such as music, text, pictures, videos, etc. These media forms can be accessed using a mobile device which can be a smartphone or tablet handheld device. Devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android devices have transformed the way consumer access content.

The LED Light Technology

A description of the LED technology. The advantages and disadvantages of LED lights and where they can be used.

Hotel Phone Systems in a VoIP World

Hotel phone systems have evolved over the last twenty years. What is out there now and who makes these things still?

Smart Buildings – The Foundation of a Smart Planet

Today’s smart buildings can automate lighting, air conditioning, door locks, even identify who has just entered or exited a particular room. With sensors to detect temperature, humidity, air quality – even carbon monoxide or radon, these buildings are often more aware of their environments than the people that inhabit them.

JUSP: Payments Anywhere With the Italian Chip-And-Pin Card Reader

In a world going mobile, JUSP appeared right away as the right product at the right time. The Italian company, founded in November 2011 by Giuseppe Saponaro and Jacopo Vanetti, who were then just 25, is based in Sardinia, Milano and Singapore and started out thanks to the funding of a group of business angels, among which Stefano Calderano (JUSP’s CEO) and Paolo Guida (JUSP’s CFO), and to PoliHub, the business incubator of the Politecnico di Milano managed by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano that supports the growth of high-potential start-ups and the development of a strong network of start-uppers. JUSP’s business is based on a unique product: a chip-and-pin card reader with a chip that can be connected to any smart device through an audio jack or USB.

Opportunities in Data Management With Hadoop

There is a huge demand for scalable and cost effective platforms of data storage like Hadoop. Hence it comes as a no surprise that a skill in Hadoop is most desired as of now. The market for Hadoop is projected to rise from a $1.5 billion in 2012 to an estimated $16.1 billion by 2020.

Vehicle Tracking With Fleet Management System

Today, where the economy is facing the challenges of rising fuel prices, it has become difficult for the businesses to cut cost and save extra profits. After a deep understanding of this area of the industry, the software development companies have developed an excellent solution for cost and loss reduction. The foremost significant step is to keep a track of the vehicle to analyze the total cost of maintenance.

IT Support Staff and Fixing Bugs

The story goes that one of the early Data Processing pioneers couldn’t work out why her computer program wasn’t running. Eventually she discovered a very real creepy-crawly sort of bug had worked its way into the computer, died and then become jammed between two circuit components. So, the term ‘computer bug’ was born.

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