Terra and Luna: New R packages scalable geospatial data analysis – 2020 Convention session

Terra and Luna: New R packages scalable geospatial data analysis - 2020 Convention session

R is a widely-used programming language and software environment for data science. This session showcases the latest development of a new, much-anticipated R packages, terra, designed to help geospatial data scientists to work with large spatial datasets. The session also covers integration of terra with other packages such as Recocrop and luna to perform spatial predictions and remote sensing data analysis at scale.

-Robert Hijmans: University of California, Davis, Professor
-Anirddha Ghosh: Alliance Bioversity International-CIAT, Agriculture Risk Data Scientist

HP LTO 5: Sometimes Your Data Storage Priorities Don’t Matter

Each and every business has a certain set of priorities when setting up various operations. This also applies in data storage. However, such priorities might actually be in contravention or incompatible with existing regulatory requirements, at which point you would definitely have to revise your priorities.

Investing In HP LTO 6 Tape Is Investing In The Future

Finally, when considering the most reliable storage device, you must also consider the existing capacity to efficiently and effectively manipulate the data stored in it. You might assume that disk storage would offer greater functionality; however, the reality is that tape does have an even more enhanced system, based on the LTFS.

Top Tips on Aligning IT With Business Objectives

IT has emerged as a central business function for many organisations in the recent years, and this holds true regardless of the industry that an organization caters to. Having said that, irrespective of the huge part that IT plays in reducing costs, standardizing processes, enhancing productivity and improving workflow and communications, its role in business planning is subservient to a large extent.

Machine to Machine – The Foundation of Internet of Things

Machines have been communicating with each other for quite some time now, but the scale of communication was limited between three or more machines (read computers) to achieve a certain specified task. M2M architecture takes this concept of communication, brings sensors that collect specific information into the picture, which in turn are connected to a remote management center.

HP LTO 3 – Making The Best Of Storage Media

Once you purchase HP LTO 3 media, you will be able to use them with a wide variety of software and hardware that are compatible. The drives also work very well with most system configurations. HP LTO 3 tape drives are energy efficient, and you can use an idle mode when backing up or archiving your data to save on power.

Can Your Car Get Hacked?

That’s a question that most of us don’t think about. Today hacking your car is possible, though it hasn’t happened in the real world very often if ever. It has happened when researchers tested the electronics and communications in an auto.

Survival of the Fittest Vs Surviving On-Demand

The colloquially known principle “Survival of the Fittest” proposed by Charles Darwin is a very noted theory based on natural selection, which has mutated itself to “Survival On-Demand”. Do you agree?

HP LTO 5 – Get Acquainted With The Product Features

When you use HP LTO 5 products, you are assured of a wide variety of choices and prices that will suit your pocket. You can choose from different interface options, and the products are compatible with a wide range of software and hardware platforms. The HP LTO 5 drives work well with most of the system configurations in use.

HP LTO 4 – Advantages Of Tape Storage Technology

HP LTO 4 has a data encryption feature that enables you to protect your sensitive data in a simple way that is compliant, cost-effective and secure. The HP LTO 4 drives can read and write LTO 3 cartridges and can also read LTO 2 cartridges. They are also compatible with most of the well-known servers, backup software and operating systems.

Making RFID Supply Line Design Work For You

With the right approach, you can see your RFID supply line design business take off and become successful in no time. Gone are the days when IT professionals were typecast as the “computer geeks”. There is a world of possibilities out there that can allow you to turn your computer skills into productive business opportunities.

Government Spying Just Got Worse

In spite of Obama’s promise to reform government spying, it’s getting worse, not better. The IRS is now entering the surveillance game, and they’re threatening more than just your privacy.

What Is DVD Video Copy Protection & How Does It Work?

If you have ever created content and stored it in a DVD, you appreciate the need for protection. Take for instance you have stored your company’s accounts for posterity on this media. This data is sensitive and if it falls in the wrong hands, your business can be devastated.

Four Easy Ways To Choose The Right Replacement Ink For Your Printing Needs

Opting for the right replacement ink is imperative for achieving optimal printer performance. Read this article to learn how to choose the best ink for your coding and printing needs.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud – What You Need to Know

The hybrid cloud has become a popular tool for thousands of companies that require different cloud solutions for different tasks. This type of cloud solution makes use of both public and private cloud for one organization. This means a company can use the public cloud for simple tasks such as their emails, yet use the private cloud for other projects, such as customer information, payment information and more.

Tips to Finding the Best Data Center Cage Space

Colocation has become a top choice for companies who are looking for a safe and secure way to protect their data. Companies need to consider what happens in the event of a disaster, the outcome of losing orders, customer information and private information.

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