Power On: Apple’s iPhone Subscription Service

Power On: Apple's iPhone Subscription Service

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman breaks down Apple’s secret project to create an iPhone subscription service which would allow users to pay for their phone monthly.

5 Reasons to Learn to Code and Become a Web Developer

If you have a job where problem solving is a priority you will HAVE to use your brain. Learning to code means you will get a better understanding of using your grey matter to solve logical problems. This will carry through to all parts of your life and you will be happier for it, everyone will be running around irrationally but you will be able to look at the world through a logical perspective not a subjective one.

Three Mind-Blowing Science Fiction Ideas That Could Become a Reality

In many cases, futuristic ideas dovetail closely with existing science; the Matrix movies merely took the internet to an extreme, while Jurassic Park played on nascent cloning technology. It is easy to discount many of the concepts in these blockbusters as pure fantasy, but the science fiction community has produced some unconventional ideas that could become a part of our world very soon.

Smart And Useful Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Provider Of Phone Systems For Small Business

Small businesses that are just starting can be hesitant to invest in an office phone system. But a telephone system is a requirement for all companies and in choosing the provider, use the tips below to ensure that you get the full value of your investment.

Five Revolutionary Technologies That Originated in Science Fiction

If you are reading this article on your PC, tablet or smartphone, then you probably grasp the enormous importance of technology to the modern way of life. What may come as a mild surprise is that computers, satellites, and robots were originally conceived by speculative fiction authors. There has always been a symbiotic relationship between the sciences and scifi writers; one group will pioneer a concept and the other will build on it.

iPad Air

I am a college student about to graduate and want to switch from a Macbook Pro to an iPad Air. I will discuss the benefits and specifications of the iPad and why I am interested in it.

The Importance of Online Gmail Support Services in Today’s Context

Support engineers from the team are highly qualified; also they are certified for providing excellent quality service/customer care to a lot of people in a short span of time. So, one can be assured of quality of the services. Online services from email service providers are available 24X7 and across all time zones. And this is the best part while working with such kind of support services.

3 Essential Advantages of Hiring a Digital Agency

A digital agency is a company that works in the internet to help businesses in putting their operations on the web. There are many ways this agency can be helpful and the following are some of the reasons why it is the best pick over three companies that provide three separate internet services.

4 Points to Consider When Understanding the Role of a Digital Agency in Business Success

According to some studies the internet has been used by people to learn about available products. There is a continuous increase of online advertising that comes along with the increase in the number of internet users. Because of this, businessmen should be able to guard their website’s quality ensuring that it is appealing to internet users. That is why web designers today are truly in demand. However, previously not everyone knew about the existence of a digital agency. The significance of this agency is progressing being recognized as a significant mechanism for excellent and proper sales and advertising.

Repair Your iPad Touchscreen

Has the touchscreen on your iPad cracked? Are you considering taking it to be repaired? Don’t do anything until you’ve read this article!

Latest Mobile Phones – Fully Loaded Yet Pocket Friendly

The growth and acceptance chart for mobile phones has been on a steep upward curve for quite some time now, so much so that they swiftly evolved into a new species: the smart phones. These smart phones have emerged as powerful tools for our journey into the future; a world of great technological advancement and possibilities. In keeping with the modern requirements and expectations, the smart phones today come with a host of features that now only power our capabilities but also embed our lives in a whole lot of comfort. Ages ahead of their counterparts from just a few years back, these devices are nothing short of miracles full of features not only useful but also captivating to the core. Here are some such unique features that make smart phones the indispensable gadgets they have become today.

5 Basic Things Super Coders Need to Learn

Are you the next Super coder Supahero? Here we are looking at 5 Basic Things Super Coders Need to Learn 1) Have a great portfolio I have spoken about this in other articles but here is a quick recap. There are 3 ways of saying you can do things they are…

Get Better Results From Your Website With A Professional Search Engine Optimisation Company

Enlisting the services of a search optimisation company has always been a cause of confusion for business owners across the world. Search engine optimisation (SEO) has been seen as some sort of “dark art” since the dawn of the Internet and with the ever-growing importance of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!, getting your site optimised is crucial to the success of your company.

Graphene – The Revolutionary Discovery That Will Change Our Lives

In the year 2004, Andre Geim, a Dutch-British physicist discovered graphene, a two dimensional structure that exists in a three dimensional world. The material is only one layer thick, making it the thinnest structure on Earth. It’s not even a decade since the material was discovered, but it is already expected to hit consumer markets soon with revolutionary products.

Outsourcing IT As a Startup Strategy

Is outsourcing a wise strategy for a startup? This article explores that question along with some helpful hints related to the topic.

Campus and WAN Multilayer Network Design

The idea for defining a multilayer campus model was developed by Cisco to improve campus network performance, availability and scalability. There are three layers that comprise the campus multilayer model with associated network services for each layer. The layers include the access layer, distribution layer and core layer.

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