Palantir Software in Space

Palantir Software in Space

Palantir COO Shyam Sankar joins Emily Chang to discuss the launch of Palantir’s first Edge AI enabled satellite via SpaceX’s Falcon 9 on April 1st, and Palantir’s role in space. Plus, he talks about the company’s work in Ukraine around refugees, food aid, supporting allied materials, and shared his outlook on supply chain challenges.

CCTV Camera System – Important Information You Need Before Buying

For decades now, people have been using CCTV camera system to monitor, detect and identify people and events. While CCTV systems are mainly use in large corporations, shopping malls, and other large business establishments, its benefits extend to small businesses as well. This is the reason why the size of your business should not affect your demand for CCTV camera. The world has seen the benefits of having CCTV cameras, how it helps solve cases and how it helps deter crimes. This is also the basis why some countries demand that all businesses to have a working CCTV installed in their establishment. First of all, CCTV provides unparalleled evidence against crime. It also helps increase your company’s or your home’s security. Plus, it allows you to keep up with the advancing technology that helps protect your major interests.

How To Print From iPad Directly To Any Printer

Tablets and smartphones have simplified our lives to a great extent. You can access the internet, click photographs, watch movies, listen to music and also complete last minute school work irrespective of the time of the day or place. You only require the right app. However, despite this, there have been complaints. The most common one with regard to Apple devices has been the inability to print documents from an iPad because neither the iPad nor the iPhone has USB connections. Thus, it was difficult to transfer documents directly from the iPad to a printer.

Computer Networking And Other Services Every Small Business Needs

Most small businesses depend on a solid Internet connection and computer networking to run their company. Other necessities include desktop support and training that help them operate smoothly and stay current with the latest business practices.

5 Reasons Technology Is a Friend to the Elderly

Many of the technological breakthroughs that have helped the seniors manipulate their way through the fast pace of modern society and are related to the Internet, smartphones and other web based advances. Here are five apps and technical breakthroughs that have made a difference in the lives of the elderly.

Effective Business And Employee Management Through The Use of A Staff Rostering Software

Keeping and maintaining a manual employee roster can be a big and difficult job for many companies. An online roster software system is the perfect solution to help business owners and managers with this complex and time-consuming task.

HP ePrint Explained

This article explains the HP ePrint feature. This feature is available as part of their range of technology that produces hard copies of data. The letter e stands for email.

How To Create A Brilliant App Icon

How does anyone get acquainted with an app, for example, surfing through an application store? There are two things that catch the eye at first: the name and the icon.

A Quick Guide to HTTP Status Codes

For search engine optimisers, there’s nothing worse than uncovering an HTTP Status Code when you’re in the middle of a job, especially if you have to spend valuable time trying to find the solution. However, there is no need to fear instantly, as many of these ominous-looking codes can be resolved in just a matter of clicks; here is a little guide to ensure you can fix the problem in an instant.

13 Features Of The KIP 70 Series

This article is about the KIP 70 Wide format printer series. There are three products in this range, 7170, 7770, and the 7970. It identifies the top 13 benefits of investing in any one of these products in order to smooth the purchasing decision process.

Vector Graphics Explained For The Laymen

Vectors explained for the laymen. Know exactly what your printer needs when you go to print those awesome posters, tee shirts or wristbands.

Smart Phones – For the Pocket Friendly

Smart phones are majorly in vogue at the moment. They are not only trendy, but also highly useful for a plethora of functions. Seeing as they are vastly popular among youth and aged alike, it is but natural to crave for a smart phone if you don’t already possess one. This craving has led to a frenzied growth in terms of market consumption and there are now a host of options available for those who want to spend lavishly and also for those who want to save a buck but still want to reap the benefits of the latest in mobile technology. Many brands are emerging with newer and attractive options that provide enticing features at a much more affordable cost. It is some of the more affordable priced smart phones that we talk about here.

In-App Response Time Measurements

What can be defined clearly can be measured and what can be measured has a hope of getting controlled and managed – that is so true for end-user response time for applications. In-App response time measurement is an excellent approach for accurately measuring true end-user response time.

Selecting Instagram For PC Software – What To Look For

Instagram, the photo sharing social networking service, has exceeded all initial expectations with regards to popularity. A big reason for this is that Instagram permits users to alter their pictures in all sorts of ways thanks to its inbuilt effects. In fact, its popularity led it to be snapped up by Facebook at a very good price because the larger social networking site didn’t have a very good photo sharing feature.

How Law Firms Benefit From Digital Working

What people believe and observe today is that achieving justice is probably not the easiest thing to do today. Being governed by the human system, people have no choice but to wait until justice is served. Justice can be achieved today through undergoing legal procedures.

Looking Ahead: SMB IT Trends for 2014

While we will see a lot of the same technology trends in 2014 as we did in 2013, this coming year foresees increased technology expansion and adoption rates. The continued growth of cloud solutions will continue unabated, with more workloads moving off-site.

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