Machine Learning and Crop Modeling: A Modern Affair? – 2020 Convention session

Machine Learning and Crop Modeling: A Modern Affair? - 2020 Convention session

Several efforts have been developed recently to integrate (deep) Machine Learning (ML) algorithms into crop models to result in better predictions and inform adaptation strategies. In this session our speakers present the current work they are developing to link training genetic data to crop models to improve predictions and facilitate genomic selection for upstream crop management support. Some examples of image analysis and phenotyping using ML linked to crop models are presented. After the presentation, our panelists open up a discussion about the role of ML in crop modeling.

-Matthew Reynolds: CIMMYT, Crop Physiologist
-Scott Chapman: The University of Queensland, Professor
-Mark Cooper: The University of Queensland QAAFI, Chair Crop Improvement

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying a Desktop PC

Let’s face it – computers have become an integral part of our lives. They’re everywhere so much so that without them this article wouldn’t even exist. Today when shopping for a computer, you will be spoilt for choice with several different models, configurations and prices to choose from.

The Battlefield Of The Future

Battlefield management systems, with sophisticated military solutions that operate in a net-centric environment, have given armies the power to match up their decision to action cycle for achieving speedy operations. They can now experience superior command and control capabilities with a refined communication network and accurate data intelligence.

RFID Supply Chain Management – The Latest Trend In IT

There is more to using RFID than simply scanning the chips, and that’s why your services with an RFID supply chain management business could be so crucial. By farming out this part of the process to an outside source, businesses can save time and money, something that is always attractive to folks who have to constantly keep an eye on the bottom line.

How QA and Testing Automation Helps Your Organization Pay Off Technical Debt

Technical debt is an allegorical idea extensively used in software design & development to indicate the status of a project in terms of pending and/or unfinished activities. Originally coined by Ward Cunningham, the founder of wiki websites, the concept of technical debt borrows heavily from the commonly understood meaning of debt in finance. Interestingly, it has its own spin on words like “principal”, “debt accumulation”, “interest payments”, “write-offs” and so on. There’s a difference, however, in that the idea of technical debt is largely metaphorical and not derived from any mathematical equations.

Solving the Cloud Mystery for Small Businesses

What “cloud” really means is using Internet services for file sharing, email, document sharing, etc. Rather than storing files on your local network, the files get stored back up on the remote server. The remote server is maintained by the cloud services company.

HoloLens: Is Augmented Reality The Next Big Thing?

Microsoft is busily creating what they hope will be the next big thing in a virtual reality type product called HoloLens. Designed for gamers and others who enjoy a 3-D experience it’s something like virtual reality (VR) but different, more like augmented reality. The platform is based on computer generated “holograms” with a virtual projection.

Benefits of Managed Services

Neglected or overlooked IT maintenance tasks can lead to potentially devastating business consequences, and hence the need for proactive network maintenance should be acknowledged. Service calls to IT contractors or IT infrastructure consultants take up to three times longer to diagnose the issue when compared to networks that are under an IT Managed Services contract.

How To Choose A Good Module Power

Choosing a good module power device may be a Herculean task for so many people without any prior knowledge of the entire process. There are several module power systems in the market to purchase. This can be found in the likes of AC to DC converter, DC to DC converter and just to mention a few.

Why Monitoring Is Needed for Infrastructure

Infrastructure refers to the collection of virtual or physical resources which support the complete IT environment – storage, server and network. It provides the basic platform for transfer of data from one place to another. A suitable platform must be provided by the infrastructure, for all necessary IT applications as well as functions for an individual or the concerned organization.

Database Design – The Heart of IT

Data is vital to every business. This cannot be stressed enough. From something as simple as names and addresses of customers, to inventory lists to sales statistics, there is a tremendous amount of information that business owners use to gauge just how successful their business is and to decide which direction to take it in.

Networking Basics: Important Things to Know

If you want to know the networking basics, the first two things you need to be familiar with are routing and switching. How does a network work? It uses switches and routers to connect computers and peripherals.

5 Key FAQs and Answers About Network Time Servers

In today’s day and age, we often take the accuracy of time for granted. We assume that when we check our computers, our cell phones, or any other electronic device, the time is correct. There is, of course, a science behind timekeeping in the technological world, and many people find themselves questioning the process. If you find yourself needing to understand this process, check out these five FAQs for Network Time Servers:

Structured Cabling – Standardized Systems That Support The ICT Infrastructure

Without a solid foundation, there would be no powerful, active and operational ICT service. Developing and creating the correct and precise cable structure so that it may ultimately serve the enterprise is up to specialists that must overcome the structured cabling challenge. Success lies in the way the issue is approached, and so a standardized system has been created.

A Glimpse Of What Happens When IT Support Is Needed

A giant is a correct description when picturing the company Bill Gates founded. Always at the forefront of technology, this enterprise has changed the way we live. Computers are now present in our lives in a way no one would have anticipated before.

LTO 7: When Buying Storage Media, Don’t Just Think Of The Initial Cost

A study by the Enterprise Strategy Group revealed that most organizations under survey viewed cost as a major challenge in data storage. However, sometimes you might not really have a true picture of what the actual cost of a storage device is, until you critically analyse all aspects of such cost.

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