Inspire Challenge Pitches – 2020 Convention session

Inspire Challenge Pitches - 2020 Convention session

The CGIAR Inspire Challenge aims to support leading edge, data-driven partnerships that push the limits of the possible in food security. In their final pitch to the judges, finalists outline their proposals and answer questions from the judges. Judges made their final decisions, which were presented at the awards ceremony on Friday 23 October 2020!

-Andy Jarvis: Alliance Bioversity-CIAT, Associate Director General
-Willingthon Pavan: 2020 Inspire: N-ALLyzer: From Nitrogen to ALL other nutrients
-Georgina Campbell Flatter: 2020 Inspire: The ClimaCell Locust Project
-Aniruddha Ghosh: 2020 Inspire: aweSOMe-Satellite Observations for Microfinance
-Carlos Quiros: 2020 Inspire: “Hola Talia”-Boosting extension service through AI
-Chandrashekhar Biradar: ICARDA CGIAR, Research Team Leader -DigAg &Head-Geoinformatics
-Ajay Tannirkulam: 2020 Inspire: FarmPhone for Sustaining Incomes & Market Access
-Ekanikpong Ben: 2020 Inspire: Sustaining Staple Food with Supply Chain Integrity, El-kanis/HarvestPlus/The New Fork
-Claire Rhodes: Producers Direct, CEO
-Laura Khor: 2020 Inspire: Rapid field detection of hazards in aquatic foods, Research Fellow
-Mamta Sharma: 2020 Inspire: Rapid Plant Disease Detection & Phenotyping, Principle Scientist and Theme Leader, Integrtated Crop Management
-Manasa Gonchiga: 2020 Inspire: Rapid, Low-Cost Aflatoxin detection using AI
-Fiona Flintan: 2020 Inspire: Big data in resilience of rangeland communities
-Julius Adewopo: IITA, GeoData Consultant
-Rui Benfica: 2020 Inspire: Learning from NFC cards in emergency responses
-Ananth Gudipati: 2020 Inspire: Smart storage centres for smallholder farmers
-Rohan Katepallewar: Gramvaani Community Media, Manager Programs and Business Development
-Lexy Ratering Arntz: 2020 Inspire: aweSOMe-Satellite Observations for Microfinance, Head of Impact Strategy

Moving to the Cloud

Moving to the Cloud can mean making huge changes for any business. These changes have been recognized today by many organizations from Tech start-up’s to urban and small town businesses.

5 Things a Child Knows About Technology That You Don’t

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Training Options for Optical Network Professionals: AUniversity Degree May Not Give Necessary Skills

For people in many industries, a university degree prepares one for a wide range for potential professions. For skills in a specific job position, industrial training courses and on the job training are often required. In fiber optic communications both vendor specific and vendor neutral options are available for certified fiber optic training and certified optical network training.

You, Me and Technology: The Truth

Can you figure out what you and I have in common with Technology? If you think a little you will find out. Look inside for insights.

Computer Knowledge (Literacy)

Computer Literacy is all about having computer Knowledge. We are today leaving in an Electronic world where computer is the center device that enable us achieve our objectives. Most of the things we do at home, in school or offices, which we may not like others to help us do, may require the use of computer. But if we are not computer literate, how do we do them without asking others who are computer literate to help us do them thereby seeing our private information? If we therefore don’t want that, we must be computer literate.

The Benefits Of A Fiber Optic Cable

Let us begin with understanding what exactly these fiber optic cables are; it is firstly a cluster of network cables that contains certain glass fibers in the form of strands that are placed inside an insulated casing. They are specifically designed for long distances, a performance data networking that is very high as well as telecommunications. If you compare the function and potential of these with the wired cables, these optic cables have a much higher bandwidth and thus have the capability of transferring data over long distances.

6 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Technology

Ever pondered on whether you can grow your creativity using Technology? Can you relate? Look inside to find out.

AMC Company Has Been The SOP To Ensure Seamless Protection For Peripherals

The annual maintenance has always been considered the primordial component being rendered by the renting company to an enterprise organization, which ensures the overall health and the longevity of the devices as a whole. In general, the annual maintenance contract or the (AMC) constantly helps the customers to maintain their devices such as the laptops, desktops, printers etc in an efficient working condition for a prolonged period of time so that the devices could last long without any possible bottlenecks for a year free of cost.

Some People Excel at Technology and Some Don’t – Which One Are You?

How good are you at keeping yourself updated with the modern trends in Technology? Good enough or not? Do they inspire you or not? Are you willing to go the extra mile or not? Look inside for insights.

Robots As Friends

We all desire a network of friends and family members. For many autistic adults loneliness is a daily reality, accompanied by mental health challenges. Can robots fill the void and serve as companions to many who feel the sting of isolation. The technology is under way to program robots that will not only perform routine errands, but also assist with meals, managing health care, and providing stimulating conversations. While we are some years from seeing robots functioning at the executive level, this could be a part of our lives in the not so distant future.

ASP.NET Uncovered

ASP.NET is a web development platform which is used to cater a programming model, along with comprehensive software framework and various other services that are required to build up powerful web applications for Desktop, as well as mobile devices. It runs on HTTP protocol, which uses commands and policies to define a browser-to-server bilateral communication and cooperation environment.

MongoDB: An Overview

MongoDB is an open source database which adopts a document oriented data model for its functioning. It was devised by Dwight Merriman and Eliot Horowitz when they were facing development and scalability issues with traditional relational database approaches while building web applications for an internet advertising company named Double Click which is now owned by Google Inc. According to the creator Dwight Merriman, the name of the database was derived from the word ‘humongous’ to serve the idea of supporting large amount of data.

NodeJS: An Overview

Node.js is a lean, fast server-side platform which is built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine. It was written by Ryan Dahl in 2009 and its latest version available is v0.10.36. The meaning as supplied by its official documentation is as follows.

CakePHP: An Overview

CakePHP is an open source framework for PHP. It is original and extensively supported framework. This framework is based on the MVC (Model – Views – Controller) like architecture which is both dominant and easy to interpret.

Laravel: An Overview

Laravel a free PHP web application framework is used in the development of web applications. The architectural framework it follows is MVC (Model – View – Controller). It consists of an open source framework with a striking and dignified syntax.

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