Human-centered Design and Gender

Human-centered Design and Gender

Digital services to date have primarily targeted large, profitable markets and sectors, and, as a result, vulnerable and marginalized populations are not typically engaged in the co-design of digital tools and technologies. Digital tools often fall short when they are designed for users, rather than with them. Human-centered design presents an opportunity to shift this paradigm for the development of digital tools and technologies.

This session examines the principles of human-centered design and how they can be used to create digital solutions that can better serve the complex livelihoods of smallholder households. We discuss why collaboration with potential users and local partners is essential for developing relevant products and services, how this creative approach to problem-solving is beneficial for both developers and potential users, and where human-centered design methods are being applied in agricultural development.

-Hannah Craig (moderator), CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture, Communications Deputy
-Diana Akrong, Google, User Experience Researcher
-Michelle Ng, International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Digital Innovations Analyst
-Luan Nio,, Senior Partnerships Lead
-Elisabeth Chin, Proximity Designs , Senior Service Designer
-Araba Sapara-Grant, DAI, Digital Specialist

Cloud Computing Services for Small Business – Myths Busted

Every business, small or big, private or public, is utilizing the cloud technology at some level. It is however, interesting to note that while enterprises have been liberal with their cloud computing services budgets. Let us look at two main reasons why small and mid size business owners are apprehensive to avail the cloud services.

Organize Your Data With CD/DVD Duplication

A few years back, many analysts were of the view that DVDs were on their deathbed. Many arguments were put forth against this medium of storage, but today it has grown in stature as the more reliable option. The Ideal Storage Medium If you are looking to store, package or distribute your content, then you must have come across the term DVD duplication frequently.

Computer Data Storage: What You Need To Know About Data Recovery

Most likely, mechanical damage would necessitate replacement of damaged, compromised or failed parts. However, such replacements must always comply with the manufacturer’s requirements; otherwise, they might also lead to further problems in future. Certain parts often require replacement, including motors, magnets, logic boards and read/ write heads.

Benefits of LED Technology and the TIR Lens Manufacturing Process

In this article, you will learn about the benefits of LED and how TIR lenses. They are especially useful in micro projection system since they help to overcome the insufficient compactness brought by the working length of TLP or SCPC for the illumination system.

Importance of Computers!

A computer can be defined as a general purpose device that is programmed in a way that it can carry out a set of logical as well as arithmetic operations in an automatic manner. As a sequence of operations can be changed readily, the computer is capable of solving more than one problem. Conventionally, a particular computer consists of at least one element for processing which is typically called the CPU and there is also some form of memory.

The Importance of Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Why EVERY organization should understand the importance of protecting personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI) and maintaining payment card industry compliance (PCI). The effects of a data breach can be devastating to any company and can have far reaching effects.

Video Wall Controllers and Other AV Technology Becoming More User-Friendly

There’s a new trend in technology: our electronics are increasingly being designed for the average user. With a focus on intuitiveness over complexity, the technological revolution is changing the face of AV equipment such as video wall controllers and creating demand for powerful, easy-to-use products.

Display Eye-Catching Content With a Video Wall

Video Walls are the perfect way to display content that gets viewers’ attention. But how do they work and why would you need one? Read more to find out!

How to Get The Best From Your Monitor Calibrator

This article provides a practical ‘pre-flight’ checklist to help photographers and designers get the best possible results from their monitor color calibrators and profiling software. It covers display settings, equipment location and cleanliness checks to give the most accurate on-screen color.

How A Fingerprint-Recognition Attendance System Works

A fingerprint-recognition system is a biometric technology system wherein attendance is guaranteed with a single scan of the fingers. In present days, not only is physical thievery a dangerous crime but with the onset of internet, identity thefts, credit card frauds are common thefts.

Trends in Biometric Technology 2015

The world today moves ahead with technological advancements every day. In this digital age where dependence on online businesses and marketing is growing, the security threats are also not much behind.

What Makes a Biometric Attendance System Worth Installing?

Fake and proxy attendance can become a serious matter for a corporation. Installing an accurate and worthy biometric attendance system will avoid such anomalies and will also help in optimum utilization of your money. Search the market for an appropriate seller and purchase it to acquire an improved employee management.

Electronic Contract Manufacturing Today

Fifty years ago, all components of an electronic product were manufactured by the same company that produced the final product. This meant that the manufacturer had to purchase the raw materials, employ experts, carry inventory for each and every individual component that goes into the product.

An Online Store for Desktops – Necessities Simplified

An online store for desktops – the idea may sound new, but the need is vintage… The average age to play with computers and other technical gadgets was once above 15 or 20, which has considerably reduced to merely 2 to 3 years. It seems like the new generation is born techie. Generations back when Pier Giorgio Pretto invented the first commercial desktop personal computer, no body could predict that the time would come when papers will be replaced by desktops in the offices so largely. Since, the desktops have their own utility and plus points of usage it is still a household necessity as well as a commercial utility.

Empowering Campus With College Management Systems (CMS)

The education ecosystem has broadened its horizons to innumerable courses and educational institutions are experiencing a huge influx of students as a result. Another prime concern is to stay in the race, apparently lead the race of educational institutions in respective genres. For this, the college needs to live up to the expectations of regulatory bodies like NBA and NAAC.

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