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Your host again John Oliver, yes, yes, well a snapchat, well a snapchat in there never has a more obviously used thing being denied so much for the company that dinner that made you. You are aware of snapchat. These sense of it got nominated really well, for you know you don’t remember, but for something is it for best thing to send pictures of your penis on? Is that because I think it’s going to win? If that’s true, I love the response of that.


That is absolutely not what is for sure, shoulder pain and, if you are misusing it that is on you are you enjoying the crunchy. So far it’s been awesome. This is the least self-importance award ceremony I’ve ever attended. I went to see the Emmys last year and an actress burst into tears for her Award for Best Supporting Actress in a sitcom. If someone wins for Mars XPrize egos thanks we’re gon na keep doing it.


Yes, that is how you [ __ ]. Do it that’s? How you do it exactly, although you couldn’t have done that performance in a sitcom that she did was about to? Thank God, and I was thinking. Oh that’s a shame.


No, we pulled it back again. I love the crunchies also. I appreciate the fact that people are filming this on their cell phones. That is the new worst thing about any kind of gig people were sitting there going. What I want to enjoy this, but now is not good for me later, would be better later and smaller would be more optimal for my enjoyment levels.


Just obsessed with it will fundamentally change the way we will watch the news forever, because we will never not see something ever again to the point that if something happened somewhere in the world – and there was not at least some kind of footage of it – we’re gon Na start to doubt whether it ever actually happened at all, oh no one had a cellphone. I find that very hard to believe. Oh, we do now it’s just filming each other and uploading the footage, the internet, where it’ll be forever forever, and this is a problem for America in terms of his legacy as an empire. You are leaving way too much evidence for the rest of history of what you are actually like. No other Empire is at this problem.


Look at ancient Egypt. What was the first thing you think of when you think of ancient Egypt? What mummies? What is the second thing you think of because nobody thinks of mummies first, Oh mommy’s, obviously, first John, then probably that they were a grain-based nation, then Graeme. I should have known better.


Don’T ask an audience this intelligent! Well, I’m not going to say the obvious thing. John we’re all thinking that pyramids is the correct answer pyramids and then literally, nothing else and how lucky for the ancient Egyptians to be judged by their greatest achievement, they’re pointy buildings and not the fact that most ancient Egyptians, just like most people alive in any country. At any time, we’ll probably Complete Idiot’s clicking each other in the pools pushing each other over walking around. Like this all day.


Oh sure that looks majestic when it’s painted on the side of a cave, but if you actually saw footage cell phone footage of people walk commuting to work like this. Your only response me what the [ __ ] is wrong with these idiots, and why do they keep staring at cats? Only a room like this would get an Egyptian cat goddess joke! Congratulations! Crunchy!


Are you ready for some more awards? Please welcome back the voice of fake goats, Greg Pato


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