Extension Agent of the Future – 2020 CoP Convention session

Extension Agent of the Future - 2020 CoP Convention session

In an increasingly digital world with great challenges for the agrifood sector (including COVID-19), can extensionists help save the planet? This session is an adventure through time where we define the future of agricultural extension far beyond sustainable crop production.

-Maria Camila Gomez, Administrator of the Community of Practice on Data-Driven Agronomy at the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture
-Jose Arana, Knowledge Management Analyst at the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT
-Daniel Jiménez, Lead of the Community of Practice on Data-Driven Agronomy at the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture

Business Benefits of a Hosted Desktop

A variety of companies might benefit from implementing a hosted desktop. Learn about the benefits of this information system.

How To Optimize Your Variable Data Printing For Speed and Profitability

Variable data printing (VDP) is a great opportunity for printers to add value but to be profitable, VDP jobs must be able to print at the full speed of the press. This article explains the technical factors that printers need to understand and the choices they must make to ensure that this happens.

Micro-Optics: Manufacturing, Testing and Characterization Processes

Micro-optics industry is comparatively new and so you won’t find fast, modern tools for manufacturing and testing the quality. Wafer-based technology is most popularly used to create high-quality micro-optical products.

mHealth Connectivity Defining the Future of Healthcare

An explosion of converging technologies and super trends in medical electronic products have roiled together over the past 2 years and shaped a disruptive combination for the medical industry call Mobile Health (mHealth). There is an old aerospace motto prevalent in that industries’ push to improve time-to-market and increase competitiveness “Faster, Better, Cheaper.” mHealth steps it up by adding “Connected” and “Convenient” to this trio making an extraordinarily challenging environment for the healthcare industry that is now thoroughly intertwined with the Mobile Application, AppCessory, Analytics and Wireless industries.

Advantages of a Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) Leased Line

The internet has become so much a part of the lives of most people. Whether it is for personal or corporate use, it has become more and more of a necessity. There are many different types of internet connections such as fibre line, standard DSL or digital subscriber line, or a leased line. People often wonder what the advantages of a Generic Ethernet access (GEA) leased line over fibre line and standard broadband line.

Understanding How Augmented Reality Works

One of the latest hypes in today’s technological world is augmented reality. As the name implies, this is one kind of technology that alters reality through superimposition of images that are digitally generated onto the actual environment.

Why Choose a Laser Beam Welding Service

A laser beam welding service can provide high-quality, quick results in producing many industry-grade materials. This article is a glimpse into its operations and benefits.

The History of Cloud Backup Services

Shared computing has a long history. Today’s cloud backup services are built on a tradition that began more than 60 years ago.

Laser Welding Provides Proven Methods for Joining Applications

Whether solid state or gas, laser welding is a proven method for many jobs. Both methods still use traditional and new methods for different applications.

3 Ways Managed Services Companies Save Your Business Money

Managed services companies save a lot of money for businesses, allowing them to cut a few corners and maximize productivity. This article outlines how money and resources can be saved when work is outsourced to these companies.

On Mining and Numerical Solutions

The application of numerical analysis in mining is essential when resolving mineral engineering issues. Selection of the best, most accurate subroutines will assist in making it not only possible to process a solution faster but to find it quickly. Estimating the size of the mineral field available, establishing mine boundaries, establishing cost effective conditions for pit design, explosive timing considerations, labor requirements, underground operations, cost of production, scheduling or any other mining task will always call for the use of numerical algorithms.

Avail Premium Online PC Support to Fix Error 0x80070035 on a Windows PC

Sometimes, you may feel that uncertain PC problems and errors interrupt your entire computing experience. It is absolutely true, but the online support services offer instant computer solutions to get your device back to a normal working state. Read below to know how you can avail services from online computer support companies.

How to Securely Erase Your Devices

It is not uncommon for most of us to switch out our cell phones every 2 years and the rest of our electronic devices as soon as newer models are available. Having the newest and best on the market is a way to stay up to date with the current trends and to have the fastest functioning device. However, when we trade in or sell our old devices it is imperative to make sure they are fully wiped.

Augmented Reality – Bridging the Gap Between the Real and Virtual Consumer Experience

Video games and movies have long been entertaining us with ever-more sophisticated and realistic computer-generated special effects. The latest trend in computer-generated experiences is Augmented Reality (AR), which is pulling graphics out of computer displays and television screens to integrate these into our real-world environment. With projected growth of 95 per cent a year from 2011, to reach revenues of USD5.2 billion in 2017, will AR succeed in blurring the line between the real and virtual user experience?

10 Reasons Why Hosted Desktop Services Are A Good Idea

There’s quite a buzz about Hosted Desktop Services (HDS) these days and for many businesses it makes a lot of sense. In a nut shell a Hosted Desktop Service is “your PC” managed remotely and that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device without all the headaches of maintaining it or the loss of performance that you often get with Windows based PC’s.

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