Data Management for Agile and Adaptive Food Systems – 2020 Convention session

Data Management for Agile and Adaptive Food Systems - 2020 Convention session

This session explores the Information and Data Management Community of Practice, a group of informaiton specialists working to make CGIAR’s rich data assets open and more findable, accessible, interoperable, and resulable (FAIR) and ethical.

-Ryan Miller: IFPRI, Senior Digital Information Specialist
-Medha Devare: IFPRI, Senior Research Fellow
-Nilam Prasai: IFPRI, Senior Data Curator
-Leroy Mwanzia: Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, Chief Data Officer
-Abenet Yabowork: International Livestock Research Institute, Knowledge Curation Manager
-Elizabeth Arnaud: Alliance Bioversity-CIAT, Digital Solutions Team co-Leader, Ontologies CoP Leader

The Viscous Cycle of Support Services Sectors in UAE

The United Arab of Emirates (UAE) has always been attracting distinct economics from all over the world. The one of the main reason behind the growing opportunities is due to its diverse location as the country lies on a peninsula of Southern Coast region in the Gulf of Arab. The country shares its borders with Saudi Arabia from South & West and from East by Oman.

Some Companies Need IT Support for Mobile Device Management

When an employee is working remotely, they may be given a mobile device to take with them when they are at the homes of customers or in other places. Mobile device management will help to keep these systems working smoothly. They have to be able to access the information that they need when they need it in most cases.

Hiring Small Business IT Support for Any Type of Industry

Almost all of the companies will have some type of computer system that they are using. It may be something that helps them to keep track of their orders or financial information or could be something that allows them to do business online.

Cloud Computing Providers Help Consumers Do Simple or Complex Accounting

There are many different tasks that are going to be very important to figure out. One of those things for each company is going to consist of computing business matters.

IT Managed Services Can Help Companies Keep Computer Systems Working Properly

There are many different types of things that are going to be important when considering the computer systems of any type of business. There will be a lot of different types of information that is going to be stored on these, including business plans and confidential information for employees. IT managed services are going to continually track what is going on with each system to ensure that everything is working smoothly.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, as opposed to using a local server or a personal computer. As Cloud Computing is such a hotly debated topic, it is imperative that the advantages and disadvantages are made clear.

The Smart House – What Makes a House Smart?

First off this is going to be an ongoing series of articles explaining the different aspects of a Smart House. In this first article I will give an overview of what makes a house smart.

SNEAK PEAK: How Are Newspapers and Magazines Digitized?

This article explains the general procedure of digitizing newspapers and magazines, converting it into structured and searchable text files. Documents accepted include, but are not limited to: Daily Nationals, Tabloids, Regional Newspapers, Local Newspapers, Weekly Newspapers and Magazines such as Professional, Health, Fitness, Design, Youth, Hobby amongst others.

Keys to Choosing a Great Computer Repair Service

Choosing a computer repair service is not something that should be taken lightly. After all, you probably have highly sensitive documents, photos, and files on your computer that you do not want to lose. When determining which computer repair specialist to use, there are a few factor that should be considered.

Why User Manuals Are Important

If you want to get the most out of any product or device that you own, then it is important that you keep hold of a copy of the user manual or make sure that you know how to access other user manual copies. These publications have been designed to teach you how to use your technology properly, so that you do not do any damage to it, and so that it does not do any damage to you! They are also designed to help you to know how to use your devices properly.

What Are File Extensions?

File extensions are designed to provide additional information (where needed) to computers and to the additional software which is on these devices. The computer should use these extensions to properly assign files to the correct applications, so that these files can be opened in the right format.

Listing Top 10 Tools That Every Exchange Administrator Must Know About

Administrators are the ones that manage and handle not only the mailboxes residing on Microsoft Exchange Server. But, they also play a huge role in implementing timely and correct disaster recovery measures at times of catastrophes to prevent data loss. Therefore, tools are the need of the hour for a server administrator to tackle such issues within a short duration and without committing any faults.

Good Grief! It’s the Word Processor

I like to blame my laptop for this scourge of complexity, feeling as if when I close the lid it determines ways to conspire against me, ready for the next opening. My son-in-law has pronounced that a laptop is free of emotions and reactions, but I am not so sure of that. Files seem to enjoy their vanishing act.

How Technology Is Changing the World of the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals are tremendously multifaceted and dynamic organizations. Doctors, clinicians, staff, patients, and equipment are continuously moving, hospitals must comply with a variety of strict regulations and there are periods of high anxiety and life-and-death decisions. Simultaneously, there’s relentless pressure on hospital staff to lower costs while continuing to improve the level of patient care and fulfillment. In the current atmosphere, hospitals are gradually turning to wireless technologies to operate more efficiently, support patient care and develop the patient experience.

Should iPad Users Go Pro?

Apple’s New iPad Pro is bigger and faster than previous versions. Designed for business use, it could help the tech giant expand its presence in the enterprise marketplace.

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