Behind the scenes at YC Demo Day, where the hottest new startups pitch their companies

Behind the scenes at YC Demo Day, where the hottest new startups pitch their companies

Guys, I finally got invited to Y Combinator’s Demo Days. It’s one of the most prestigious accelerators in the world — where companies like Dropbox, Airbnb and Stripe launched. At the end of each batch the accelerator hosts its Demo Days, where the audience is filled with investors looking to fund the next big thing. I’m taking you on this fine adventure. With appearances by Michael Seibel, Sam Altman, Justin Kan and a variety of TechCrunch Folk.

How to Stop Low Disk Space Messages

Stop those annoying low disk area messages with simply a couple of clicks. Do these quick job that will offer your computer an instantaneous boost in speed and liberate disk area.

Opt for Mobile Computer Repair Instead of Going to a Retail Store

Lots of people associate a harmed computer with a prolonged trip to the community computer system repair work company. However, in current times, the mobile computer repair work sector has actually seen a sharp increase in need services.

The Application Development of an iPad

The iPad is an engaging, innovative gadget as well as has a great deal of features that enable searching the web, e-mails, on-line video games, video clips, navigating maps as well as virtually all type of multimedia options. The iPad is fairly similar to the iPhone as well as iPod touch when it concerns capability and utilizes the same os – iPhone OS. The popularity of the iPad has actually resulted in the introduction of iPad advancement – a service that allows third celebration provider to establish iPad applications for customers.

Choosing the Right Pelican Laptop Cases

Laptops are delicate devices. While scrapes as well as dust simply deteriorate their look, elements such as temperature level and also climate adjustments bear on their performance. Laptop computers have to additionally be secured from sudden decreases as well as tough effects.

RAID 0 and RAID 1: Introduction, Deployment and Configuration

Now you can accelerate the hard drive efficiency making use of RAID 0. If you such as added information security configure RAID 1. Both are simple to set up and mount. More than likely no added hardware required. Just adhere to the instruction as well as you are done.

Video Sunglasses – Massive Growth Potential

2012 is positioned to be a watershed year in the POV market. Camera sunglasses could exceed placed video cameras as the number 1 way to tape hands cost-free video.

5 Obvious Reasons Why You Should Buy an iPad

Practically a year after the first iPad was released Apple released its sequel – the iPad 2. Apple presently manages 80% of the tablet market with its competitors making little effect for sale. The iPad 2 was released as a solution to the Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom as well as many other tablet computers that considered themselves “iPad awesomes.”

Common Computer Problems And What To Do About Them

Your COMPUTER is great, yet can damage in even more ways than one. Right here are some ideas on what do whenever that happens.

Creating a Stronger Password

Passwords are our last line of protection, in jeopardy is your information, your photos, videos, as well as whatever else all of us consider granted. We inform ourselves it’s ALRIGHT, various other people obtain hacked, an infection hasn’t gotten right into my system, I have actually never ever shed anything from my computer system. If you’ve managed to make it this long without any loss of info, consider on your own lucky. For the remainder people that have, I have some recommendations for you.

Keyboard Shortcuts – How Did He Do That?

Below’s the circumstance. You’re working on a paper with an associate. Or your computer system support designer is showing you something on your computer. They go to the keyboard typing in an important sentence and after that, POP, the expression he was inputting is all of a sudden switched over to a vibrant, italicized font. A few seconds later, they rolled through a few menus, as well as inserted a clip art. As well as they really did not touch their mouse as soon as!

The History Of Emoticons

A smiley is frequently utilized to reveal the mood of the author via using letters as well as spelling to create a facial expression. They offer to improve the interaction of straightforward text by notifying the receiver of the intended tone and also temper of the writer.

Beautiful Love Wallpapers For Desktop

Having love wallpapers on your computer system can truly illuminate your day. There are several photos to do with love that are guaranteed to make you grin.

Video Encoding And DVD Encoding: What Is It?

After recording and also editing and enhancing your video, as it occurs, there are a pair of vital points that need to precede. The initial of which is video encoding or DVD encoding.

How To Protect Your Camera

Spending your hard-earned cash in the current, top of the line cam is no joke. In addition to the costly cost, it requires routine upkeep and also needs mindful handling. Unwittingly, your camera also often tends to get subjected in a variety of severe problems.

Is Technology Planned Obsolescence?

On a daily basis we are inundated with report, promotions, technical reports, etc., lauding just how some product or gadget, or an additional, is a must have, biggest point ever item. We are often informed we need the latest and most recent, which it can do things we formerly didn’t even realize that we required.

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