A glimpse of Digital Dynamism for Adaptive Food Systems at CGIAR: CIP International Potato Center

A glimpse of Digital Dynamism for Adaptive Food Systems at CGIAR: CIP International Potato Center

This video provides a clear overview of digital dynamism for adaptive food systems, as well as the importance of Big Data and technology for farmers.

How to Fix Windows Desktop Search Errors

“Propsys.dll” is a Windows system file formerly known as the “Windows Desktop search”. A “propsys” error may happen when you see a “propsys.dll is missing” when you boot your system.

How to Fix “Apple Push” Errors

“APSDaemon.exe” or more commonly known as the “Apple Push” is a Windows executable program. A popular program that uses Apple Push is the iTunes music player.

How to Fix “NT Base API Client” Errors

The Windows NT Base API Client also known as “KernelBase” is a shared library for “kernel32”. Roughly 27000 system files are associated with KernelBase, which makes it a very vital system file.

The Top 20 Password Choices – Is Yours One of Them?

Ok, who hasn’t got too many bits of login information to remember? I doubt many would put their hands up to that question, because the fact is that we are mostly swamped with online accounts for various things.

How to Fix “ICACLS” Errors

The “Icacls” executed file is responsible for launching the Icacls program. The Icacls program is a command line function which can set and change file system permissions in Windows system servers.

How to Fix Runtime Optimization Errors

Your computer may suddenly start running slowly without you doing anything in particular. You would then try to check in your Task Manager and you’d find out that one file, mscorsvw.exe, is using up too much CPU resources

How to Fix Command Utility Line Errors

More often than not, you will encounter “rundll32.exe” whenever you use your computer and this can be seen regardless of which version of Windows you use. Some errors can be encountered with this item as well.

Tips to Use IOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

The newly launched iOS 8 has been talked about a lot for its amazing updates as well as features that are useful as well as impressive. Often, with all this you might be thinking too that it is time to purchase an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. However, if you are told that without purchasing the latest iPhone you can avail the benefits of the features, then that would be delightful. Here you need to understand that it is all about the latest OS.

How to Fix Mouse Filter Driver Errors

“Mouhid” is a shared DLL (dynamic link library) file which supports the mouse filter drivers, which are responsible for start-up services. It has a file size of around 12160 bytes.

How to Fix a Service Host Program Error

“Svchost.exe” is a service host program that allows several other programs to run together to save memory usage. To give you an idea of how useful this process is, programs run simultaneously using svchost was discovered to save around 700 KB as compared to programs that were made to run on their own.

LED – The Most Efficient Illumination Technology

LED is a tiny light source that twinkles in many applications that surround you. You have probably seen it around your Christmas tree, in digital clocks, the flashlight of your Smartphone or the lights in your luxurious swimming pool. This easy to use and commonly available light source looks usual but has some solid physics behind its radiance.

How P2P and Client-Server Computer Networks Compare

When you plan to set up a computer network which will make the cooperation between your employees even more effective, you have to make a number of important decisions. One of them is on the type of network operating system which you will use. You have two options – peer-to-peer (P2P) system and client-server system. Take a closer look at both options and their advantages and disadvantages.

How to Fix “Robocopy” Errors

“Robocopy” is an executable file that was developed for the Windows Operating System by Adobe and Microsoft Robocopy. This is the kind of file that helps your computer understand what it’s supposed to do by giving it step-by-step instructions.

How to Fix “Logoncli DLL” Errors

“DLL” files are multi-application shared components and every one of them works with specific programs installed in computers. Logoncli.dll in particular is used for client protocols in Windows.

How to Fix Corrupt File Errors

“Iisutil” is one of the many DLLs installed together with the Windows operating system. Regardless of the version type, Windows OS always have these files as essential components needed in running various programs.

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