A glimpse of Digital Dynamism for Adaptive Food Systems across CGIAR: IITA

A glimpse of Digital Dynamism for Adaptive Food Systems across CGIAR: IITA

This video provides a clear overview of how IITA is harnessing integrated digital tools to accelerate agricultural transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Keeping Your Computer Fast

The personal computer was probably one of the greatest inventions of the recent millennium. With them, we are all able to perform tasks that were either never before possible, or have been delegated to people or businesses with specialized skills. Now, the computer has turned into a very basic tool that is available for almost everyone.

Junk the Junk Files For Better PC Function

A computer or laptop will slow down over a period of use. One of the main reasons is the accumulation of junk files. These have to be regularly deleted because they tend to accumulate with each PC use. However, you should be careful when deleting files because you may end up deleting crucial system files.

Help Your PC Run Faster

A new PC works with such amazing speed that a user feels so lucky to have made the purchase. Over time, performance slows down until eventually everything is proceeding at a snail’s pace. This is most probably one of the most inconvenient things that can happen to anyone. Opening files, saving or exiting files would take forever to perform.

Why Calibrate Laptop Batteries?

Did your laptop suddenly shut down even if there’s still about 10% of the battery left in your device? Or worse, you’re absolutely sure that you still got 25% power left, and yet your laptop still died on you? In these scenarios, your battery most probably isn’t showing the correct power level that it has.

Top 3 Common Computer Issues – Solved!

No matter what your operating system is, you’re bound to encounter technical problems such as system errors, missing DLL files and corrupted drivers every time you use a computer. And so before you run into one of these issues, you should at least have an idea on what to do during these scenarios.

A Simple Guide to the Windows Registry

A lot of users are finding ways in order to customize and optimize their PC to improve its performance and get rid of system errors. However, there are certain components of the computer that cannot be modified without resorting to the Windows registry. But because most people are unfamiliar with it, they tend to shy away from using this tool.

8 Things You Can Print With a 3D Printer

Just a few years ago, few people had heard of 3D printing, but now computer generated images are being used to create cars, guns and even body parts. 3D printers work by laying down threads of melted polymer that add up to precisely-shaped solid objects just as easily as a traditional inkjet printer lays ink on a page. 3D printing is generating a lot of buzz in the world of technology, but at the moment it is hard to see how flimsy plastic models produced on consumer 3D printers can be an alternative to standard manufacturing processes. But here are 8 things that have been printed using a 3D printer, ranging from ground breaking to obscure.

Rise of the Machines: A Brief History of Computers

Computers are fascinating devices. This article takes a look at the evolution of computers, how they have been transformed from gigantic machines to smaller more powerful ones.

What Do You Need to Know About MacBook Pro Screen Replacement?

Although the Macbook is a sturdy machine, there are many instances where the Macbook pro screen replacement becomes a necessity. Most people tend to drop their laptops accidently and this can result in breakage of the screen.

The Perks of Cloud Computing

The cloud has revolutionized the way that data is stored. Instead of relying on a hard drive that is within a location, you can rely on the cloud where data is stored somewhere offsite and can be accessed online. This provides you with more mobility – and cloud computing has a lot of perks.

PC Solutions That Can Get Your Computers Up And Running

A lot of people today know how to use the computer, but their knowledge basically involves turning the computer on and off only. For you to use a computer, you simply need to find the power button to start it up, and learn how to shut it down after using it. While most people know how to use the computer, their knowledge ends there. Whenever a problem arises, like the screen freezes or a pop-up window randomly appears, people who have little knowledge about computers wouldn’t know what to do. Or they wouldn’t know when a virus is already causing problems to the computer unit.

Efficiency in Panel Building and Switchgear Design

Using an engineering solution to draw up electrical plans and documentation, in an essentially automated process. Engineers can benefit from a fully integrated workflow.

The Top 3 Factors To Consider When Buying A Document Scanner For Office Use

Scanners are really important equipment to have to make sure that all important documents are stored and filed electronically. And when it comes to investing in a document scanner for your office or business for the first time, there are several important factors that you have to consider. The following are the top 3 important factors.

ALM – Application Lifecycle Management

What is precisely application lifecycle management software and what does it help to resolve? For those who do not understand technology, it is definitely difficult to decipher what this is all about.

Cleaning the Windows Registry – Learn More About It

What exactly is the Registry in Windows? Many people have heard about it but how many of them do not fully understand what it is all about? How does it work?

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