A glimpse of Digital Dynamism for Adaptive Food Systems across CGIAR: AfricaRice

A glimpse of Digital Dynamism for Adaptive Food Systems across CGIAR: AfricaRice

This video provides a clear overview of how #AfricaRice is helping rice farmers in Africa with #BigData and #DigitalTools.

Internet Of Things (IoT): Personal And Home Use Application

With advent of technology and with arrival of Internet of Things home automation has become a reality. This article provides a small glimpse into the home automation phenomenon.

The Increasing Interest In Integrated Security

There has been an increasing interest in integrated security the previous years. This is because of significant advancements in the technological field, enabling most businesses to adopt an integrated security approach that can effectively provide protection in a variety of situations.

Precision Machining – An Efficient Machining Systems Approach

Technological advancements are the keys to an accurate, automated future. In a world where machines are slowly aiding man in operations, a faster and more exact process is needed to cut lead, tack, and cycle times.

Encrypting Your Android Device

Google seems to be quite concerned about the security and safety of its users. It is very much manifested in a recent announcement stating that Android too shall have encryption that would be a part of its ecosystem.

Understanding DirectX 12

DirectX 12 is one of the application programming interfaces (APIs) created by Microsoft. The APIs aid in handling tasks related to multimedia especially game and video programming on Microsoft platform. In addition to DirectX 12, there are other APIs which include: Direct3D, DirectMusic, DirectPlay, DirectDraw, and DirectSound.

In-House IT Support Staff – Are They a Thing of Yesterday?

It’s perhaps true to say that in the early decades of the industry’s development, many organisations chose to opt for building and maintaining an in-house establishment. That was partly due to a reflection of corporate unease at being dependent upon external parties but also the fact that external IT support staff organisations were n’t exactly thick on the ground in Australia or elsewhere.

Which Digital Signage Platform Is Best For Your Business?

Are you thinking about buying a digital signage system? How about upgrading your old system? If so, you have likely encountered some snark when it comes to software-as-a-service versus on-premises software. Which is best for you is totally determined by your needs and if it works for your budget. Object lesson: cheaper is not always cheaper in the long run.

Computer Recycling: Things To Do Before Recycling Your Devices

When you are planning of recycling your old computer, you should take a few critical steps to ensure that you don’t give away your data. Some of the things that you need to do include: Backup your files To avoid losing your information, you should backup your files. In addition to transferring your files to your computer, you should make a completely different and independent backup.

Industrial Uses and Advantages of CNC Machining and Precision Machining Services

CNC Machining and precision machining services are mainly used to produce small or large objects massively that we usually use every day. Every intricate piece that makes up a specific object normally requires the expert level skill or a machinist.

Three Shows Worth A Premium Cable Package

The Internet has made some people feel like cable is unnecessary. However, there are some quality shows that simply need to be seen live.

The Best Small Investments Your Company Can Make

If you want to run a successful company, you are going to need to invest some time in money into it. Obviously there are plenty of investments you can make, such as buying another building to open another store or investing in a new kitchen if you own a restaurant.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Tries to Prove It’s Time to Replace Your Old Conventional Laptops

Boasting a sharp 12 inch display, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tries to further reduce the gap between conventional laptops and tablets. Its core purpose being a tablet is portability but without sacrificing performance and horsepower needed to run modern applications seamlessly. The combination of the hardware and touch-focused Windows 8 makes Surface Pro 3 a tempting deal.

The Era of Big Data

Big data has became an hot IT buzzword shaking things up in the high-performance computing segment of the IT world. It definitely have deep implications on how the information business continues to evolve, thus creating the potential for further disruption. So what is big data, anyway and why should we even care?

Drive Traffic to Your WordPress Website With Professional Blog Design

The challenge to keep your website afloat with all the obstacles to drive traffic is getting tough with passing time. With dozens of sites being launched each day with new-found features, it becomes important to think of strategies that could prove a worthwhile option in attracting more traffic to the site in the long run.

How to Dispose of Your Old Computer

Technology is constantly changing. New models of computers and smart phones come out faster than most people can keep up with. You can buy a top-of-the-line computer and it will be obsolete in a few short years. But when you do buy that new computer, what are you supposed to do with the old one?

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