2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: The ClimaCell Locust Project

2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: The ClimaCell Locust Project

The ClimaCell Locust Project | ICARDA, ClimaCell, Kenarava Group, NOAA & NCAR

ClimaCell seeks to contribute to the locust crisis with an innovative, 360-degree locust monitoring tool. Leveraging ClimaCell.co’s weather intelligence engine, the tool will share early warnings, increasing countries’ capacity to prepare and respond early and effectively.

Three Top Common “Windows 7” That You Might Face After Upgrading From “Windows XP”

Windows 7 has already replaced the old Windows XP in most computer user’s hearts. With the mix of loved XP and the reviled Vista’s good points, Windows 7 is, without a doubt, the best Microsoft has to offer. Windows 8 might seem good, but only a few appreciate it and some are not willing to shed cash to replace a good system they trust.

How to Fix the Problem With “Kernel32

There are files that are saved in your computer in order to perform functions. One of these files is the Dynamic Link Library or the “DLL” files. DLL is a library of files that contains codes and data that are shared by different programs installed in your computer, all at the same time.

The Rise of Remote Working and Its Impact on SMEs

Telecommuting, where you work at home rather than go into the office, has had a bad press in the past. Many businesses, including SMEs, weren’t too sure about it, after all there’s no telling how productive someone is going to be if they are not under direct supervision. The truth is, bosses often equated working from home with lack of productivity.

Things To Know While Installing A Fan Power Cord

There is no argument over the fact that power supply is a delicate but extremely important component of a computer system. Since the supply is the only power source for every single component within a computer system, it can be taken for granted that the load on a small power supply within the case of your computer is excessive.

4 Top Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Cross platform mobile development refers to a technique of developing mobile applications which can be used on multiple mobile platforms. As there are numerous platforms, device fragmentation was one of the major challenges which made it difficult for the developers to create apps that runs on all mobile devices.

What Do You Really Need to Learn From Your Computer Lessons?

I have come up with a nice objective when I teach computer, tablet or WordPress lessons. That objective has helped me become an effective and successful private instructor.

Top 10 Apple Pay FAQs

The Cupertino based American Multinational Corporation; Apple Inc. has officially launched its much awaited mobile payment system, Apple Pay. This innovative NFC based mobile payment system allows Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ users to make point-of-sale purchases using their smartphone devices. However, this service is currently available in the US market only and is not available for all iPhone models and iPads.

Top Six Common Tools Used for Fixing Computer Errors and Performance Issues

Computer errors are common among systems and they affect computing procedures in terms of efficiency. Furthermore, errors lead to sluggish computer performance. Solving computer errors is simple with the use of different downloadable programs.

Six Useful Tips in Cleaning Your Hard Drive and Freeing Some Space

Computers have good storage capacities ranging from several hundreds of gigabytes to several terabytes. However, hard drives may be filled with data, especially if users tend to save a lot of media files and software. Accumulating data affect performance in the long run. Fortunately, it’s possible for users to minimize drive’s contents with the right tools and procedures.

The Importance of The Registry in Windows Operating Systems

With so many files stored in your computer, you may be wondering what should be kept and secured. It may be a photo, a word document, or an important personal file. Above all these things, there is one file that you should be careful about, and that is the Windows Registry.

The Colonel’s Remedy: What Causes the “Kernel32” Issue?

The “.dll” file known as “kernel32” is a popular topic when it comes to troubleshooting PC concerns. Many owners with slow and buggy computers have more or less encountered error messages on their screens that indicate problems with this particular file.

Solid State Drives: A Fast Solution to Slow Computers

Having recently come out in the later part of the 2000 – 2010 period, Solid State Drives have provided a new way to store date and files within personal computers. They mainly started appearing in laptops during this time wherein noise cancellation and usage on uneven surfaces were some of the user concerns that affected the popularity of the standard Hard Disk Drives (also known as HDD).

5 Reasons Defragmenting Gives Your Computer a Second Life

It becomes easy to decide to replace a computer when it no longer runs the same way as the first time it was used. With developments and upgrades constantly appearing in the market, some people simply do not bother doing maintenance on their computers and simply dismiss slow computers as “past their prime” and immediately look for a better model.

The Truth About Windows Registry – Learn More About It

Aside from defragmenting your Windows PC, many technicians and advertisements on the web always recommend cleaning and defragmenting your computer’s registry to optimize your computer’s speed. Certain system errors could also be fixed by cleaning up the registry. But what does the registry has to do with your computer speed?

An Introduction to Precision Machining Services and CNC Machining

From a simple coin and electronics we use every day to parts of an airplane, everything comes from a very sophisticated process known as precision machining service. It is a process of removing materials from a workpiece while gripping close to great finishes.

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