2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: Sustaining staple food with supply chain integrity

2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: Sustaining staple food with supply chain integrity

Sustaining staple food with supply chain integrity | El-kanis and Partners, HarvestPlus, FMARD, Government of Akwa Ibom State Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State University, University of Uyo Nigeria & The New Fork

The project plans to implement blockchain technology on the farmX app to help value chain partners improve transparency and efficiency of business transactions, compliance processes and tracking and tracing of food products.

Tips for Partnering With the Right IT Solutions Company

IT has become an integral part of virtually every business in today’s market. This makes forming a partnership with the right IT solutions company one of the most important aspects of operating a business.

The Variety of Services Provided by an IT Solutions Company

For many businesses, working with an IT solutions company is the best way to maintain an information infrastructure. Outsourcing is often the best way to handle a variety of services.

How to Choose Hosted Email Services

You might use hosted email services for your online communication. Learn how to choose a provider.

How to Buy a Wireless Router – Some Suggestions

It’s no secret that wireless internet is becoming THE standard for connectivity of our favorite devices. Chances are that more electronics in your home are wireless than are not. Though there are definite advantages of hard-wired network connections, such as faster speeds, less interference, and better security.

How to Avoid a Computer Crash Disaster

Are you sure that your computer backup system is providing the results you want? Just because you have a back-up system in place doesn’t mean it’s necessarily set up to save everything you need backed up.

How Variable Data Printing Gives Printers Additional Services To Sell

Printers who offer variable data (VDP) and personalised print services can maximise the return on their investment in new skills and expertise by offering complementary services to their clients, expanding their portfolios and opening new revenue streams. These additional services include data clean-up and data mining, specialised design, resource and campaign management, response monitoring and reporting and cross-media planning and production.

DiffServ Vs IP Precedence

Diffserv (Differentiated Services) is a QoS (Quality of Service) model used in data networks to ensure packet flows can receive different treatment levels based on the requirements of the particular packet type. For instance, VoIP traffic requires low latency and low jitter levels in the network, as does some types of multimedia traffic.

Tips to Finding the Right SCSI Cables

Before you start looking for SCSI cables online, it’s a good idea you understand what they are. SCSI cables are cables which are used to attach disk drives, scanners, printers and other products to computers. SCSI stands for small computer system interface and when buying cables, it is imperative that you purchase the highest quality and you choose the right one that meets your immediate requirements.

Knowing the Disk Drive Through the Ages

Technology is constantly evolving and so is the disk drive. That small device you rely on so heavily on a daily basis as part of your computer system or server has evolved from a tape to a small device you can store mountains of information on daily.

3 Android Apps for Streaming to Chromecast

At any given time, we love using our mobile devices for numerous purposes. Not only it is convenient but also it is a quick way of doing any stuff on your fingertips. Now same goes for looking at pictures or watching a movie clip too.

Know the Essentials About Online Software Training Resources

Software online training courses offer modern learners many opportunities to add to their current knowledge base and develop their skills set. Different kinds of training resources are available, including training for educational purposes, training for business expansion and advancement, and training to improve technical proficiency. An overview of online resources Individuals who prefer to learn about new topics on their own, or from the comfort of their own home make the most of available resources from the Internet.

How Printers Should Sell Variable Data Printing Services

Variable data (VDP) or personalised printing is an added-value service that digital printers can offer their direct mail clients to enhance response rates and increase profitability, but printers need to know how to sell it as well as how to do it. This article explains the project management approach that’s needed and how to identify, justify and evaluate VDP campaign opportunities with clients who are unfamiliar with personalised print.

3D Knitting Is Rocking the Fashion World

A new technology called 3D knitting allows individuals and large organizations to create fashion products more easily than ever before. Get ready to print your new fashion line!

Save Paper Work and Time With an Access Control System

The word access means to provide authorization to the user for any of the tasks. There is similar meaning in understanding the concept of access control systems. It states that providing authorizations to any individual for the shorter periods or longer periods of time becomes easier to manage and integrate accordingly.

It’s Time To Get The Best Computer Technical Support

In this paperless age, we are becoming increasingly dependent on computers for our day-to-day work both in the office as well as for personal work. Like any other gadgets at any given point of time, even computers can breakdown bringing all your works to a standstill. As a result, you will have to hire an efficient agency or individual who can come to your rescue and set right the faulty computer and put back your work on its right track. Getting the right computer technical support will make sure your computer is up and running in no time.

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