2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: Smart storage centres for smallholder farmers

2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: Smart storage centres for smallholder farmers

Smart storage centres for smallholder farmers | CIMMYT, 10Agrow, Agri-Wallet, EAGC & SNV

The project proposes to develop a scalable and cost-effective smart hermetic bin by integrating a digital layer. A prototype is ready, which will allow farmer communities to set up small-scale, modular grain storage units, while enabling them to gradually increase size as needed.

6 Quick Tips for a More Efficient Start Menu

The Start Menu is the most accessed tool in the Windows environment. It houses all the programs and files in your computer so it provides an easy way to access all these data. However, what you don’t know is that there are some tricks that you can apply to this tool for a more productive working space. Listed below are some of these tips.

7 Methods to Access the Windows Task Manager

Sometimes, knowing the usual option to access the Windows Task Manager (WTM) is not enough. What if the explorer is not responding? You cannot possibly stop the explorer when you cannot access the WTM through it. As such, here are some ways on how you can run this tool in Windows.

9 Cool Facts About the Windows Task Manager

Typically, the Windows Task Manager is often used to end unresponsive applications in your program. It is very easy to do especially for a computer novice.

Tips on How to Clean Up Junk Files on Windows

As your computer ages, your hard drive will be filled up with files that are considered as junk. Because of this, the performance of your Windows computer will slow down since your system will have to work hard in finding the data that needs to be accessed. Removing these unwanted files from your computer will improve your system functions.

Tips on How to Boost Your System Start Up

You may get frustrated when it seems to take forever for your computer to switch on. Even after clearing all the viruses and unwanted files from your system, your PC’s performance may be slower than expected.

How to Make Your PC Run Faster – Read More About It

You may be thinking that once your computer starts to slow down, it is probably infected by a virus. You might be wrong. Yes, it can be one factor but there are many other reasons why your computer’s performance is degrading.

The Windows Memory Dump Explained

If you’re a frequent user of disk maintenance tools, you might have encountered this file before. Most disk cleaners include this in the list of data that can be safely removed, such as the temporary internet files and recycle bin contents. If you’re not familiar with what a Windows memory dump file is, read on.

Rules on Backing Up Your PC

For most companies, it is part of their protocol to back up important business documents. What is the sense of keeping two or more copies of the same file when it only adds to your costs?

The Best File Format in Saving Your Pictures

Smart phones has paved the way for people to take pictures without the hassle of bringing a bulky camera. And as the competition for the best camera phone intensifies, more and more mobile companies are improving the features of their cameras, particularly the resolution.

The Benefits Of Using A Combine Photograph Tool

Photographs have been used as a way to freeze a moment in time, for a plethora of years. Ever since the first photography machine was made, people have always been anxious to take pictures of themselves, for development. Technology has made it possible for people to take as many pictures as they deem fit.

Job Seekers Beware a “Work at Home” Con

People looking for jobs must stay diligent and pay attention to work at home scams. The “Mule Scam” is a dangerous, scam that targets desperate and anxious unemployed individuals.

How to Use HandBrake for Converting Movies?

We all are so used to having our own media files especially our personal favorite movies collection that we want to carry it everywhere. Although there are choices to store your collections for easy access like a desktop or a file but carrying your old favorites on a mobile device does seem somewhat hassle. It is not about just transferring files from one gadget to another but the format of movies too should be able to play upon your preferred mode of mobile gadget.

Data Center Services: A Great Choice for Your Business

Find out what services a data center could provide for your business. There are a number of features that will come in handy such as disaster recovery and cloud services.

How to Fix Slow Download Speed

Face it: You probably cannot let a day pass without downloading something-programs, applications, photos, videos, and anything else you could think of. It’s always nice to have something new to do but the thing is, sometimes, downloads just take forever to finish-and no one really wants to waste time waiting for downloads to end, especially if they have a lot to do.

How to Fix an Overheating Computer?

There are times when your computer suddenly freezes or shuts down while you are in the process of using it such as encoding videos or playing computer games. There are also times when you will see the dreaded “blue screen of death”. So, what exactly is the problem?

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