2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: Rapid, Low-Cost Aflatoxin detection using AI

2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: Rapid, Low-Cost Aflatoxin detection using AI

Rapid, Low-Cost Aflatoxin detection using AI | ICRISAT & Pure Scan AI

This project seeks to improve an existing low-cost device for rapid aflatoxin detection in peanuts and maize using image processing under UV light. This would help lower the amount of aflatoxin that enters our food chain and have multitudes of impact on population health.

The Advantages of Smart Laser Marking Control Boards

Smart laser marking control boards are hardware devices that can connect to a network and communicate with other devices such as programmable logic controllers. Laser marking control boards look similar to traditional motherboards that are found in PCs. These new smart laser marking control boards make laser marking systems much smarter.

Computer Recycling and The WEEE Directive: What You Need To Know

For many businesses across the UK arranging for the quick, convenient disposal of obsolete IT or electrical equipment may seem like just another admin job. However, it is essential to make sure you’ve just entrusted the recycling of your IT equipment to a reputable firm – or else you might find it costs you a whole lot more than you bargained for.

When Did Computers Become Tools of War?

Computer have beens tools of war from the beginning. The trend has only gained momentum.

3 Important Electrical and Electronics Systems Services

An electronic and electrical systems company needs to offer more than a few basic services to establish itself as a competent all solutions provider for companies and organizations that run large scale electrical systems. An extensive list of disciplines and sub disciplines is needed here. Hands on expertise and practical experience go hand in hand here.

The 2015 IT Trends That You Really Need to Know!

Keeping up with the demands of technology is no small task. It is 2015 and there are the expected slew of predictions as to where technology is going this year. So which trends do you need to worry about and which are just predictions that might never happen? After all the money is tight and you need to spend the dollars where the greatest benefit to your company will be produced.

Your Connected World

How connected is your individual world? Think about all gadgets that you own, how many of those have an internet connection either directly or through Wi-Fi? Most of you will think about your laptop, cell phone, tablet and desktop and you would be right all of these have an internet connection.

Why You Should Keep Your User Manual

Almost everything that you buy comes with a user manual. Most of the time we glance at the user manual once, and then we put that little booklet away so that we will be able to find it easily when we have a need for it. The problem is we usually forget where that booklet is, and when we need our user manual for our electronic gadgets we cannot find them. Lucky for us there are online websites that will help us find a replacement user manual.

Points to Remember Before Starting Up an E-Waste Recycling Company

With the advent of the more evolved technologies that will connect and enable communication between different electronic items of daily use, staggering amounts of gadgets will turn into useless scrap. This can prove to be an opportunity for revamping some existing lines of business like recycling of electronic waste. The article points out to some important steps that might aid an entrepreneur looking to leverage the upcoming changes.

Steps To Follow To Find And Remove Broken Links In iTunes

A dead or broken link in iTunes occurs when the iTunes app can’t find the song that you have chosen. In most of the cases broken links occur when you reorganize, add, or remove files from your library. While dead links are annoying, the cool thing is that you can easily remove them by following these steps:

Steps To Cleaning iTunes Library

The iTunes software provides you with a free media file management solution that allows you to easily organize and play your music and video files. If you feel that you need to clean the library, you can easily do so by following these steps: Grabbing The Right Metadata iTunes usually gives each song its own data and this is the one that iTunes uses to catalog your songs. For the media file to correctly catalog each song, you should ensure that the metadata is correct.

Rules to Follow for Better Cyber Security

It is evident from various reports that cyber crime is rising with change in technology. However, even with grave Internet safety concern you should follow good Internet practices. If you know the essential rules, you can apply them for network security to protect yourself from cyber crime to a large extent.

3 Things To Consider When Choosing Cloud Digital Signage

Digital signage is a way of getting messages dynamically to the customers. It is eye catching considering that it features image and video displays that the eye just can’t miss. The most common options for this kind of signage include corporate lobby information displays and digital menu systems that are now very common in restaurants. Announcement boards and advertisings are now also using these systems to ensure there is an easy and efficient reach to the targeted markets. It is an advertising platform that is more dynamic compared to options such as print and for this reason more businesses are turning to these solutions.

Now That We Have Adopted IaaS

Providing guidance or consulting to organizations on cloud computing topics can be really easy, or really tough. In the past most of the initial engagement was dedicated to training and building awareness with your customer.

Nurturing the Marriage of Cloud Computing and SOAs

In 2009 we began consulting jobs with governments in developing countries with the primary objective to consolidate data centers across government ministries and agencies into centralized, high capacity and quality data centers. At the time, nearly all individual ministry or agency data infrastructure was built into either small computers rooms or server closets with some added “brute force” air conditioning, no backup generators, no data back up, superficial security, and lots of other ailments.

OSS Development for the Modern Data Center

Modern Data Centers are very complex environments. Data center operators must have visibility into a wide range of integrated data bases, applications, and performance indicators to effectively understand and manage their operations and activities.

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