2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: Rapid field detection of hazards in aquatic foods

2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: Rapid field detection of hazards in aquatic foods

Rapid field detection of hazards in aquatic foods| WorldFish & ZenSpectra

The project proposes a portable, user-friendly point-and-shoot near infrared (NIR) device for rapid field screening of key aquatic food contaminants. The devices would be deployed to remote areas for monitoring in aquaculture and small-scale fisheries value chains.

Support Arm Systems – The Link Between Man and Machine

Support arm systems have proven their worth as an ergonomic link between machine, operating equipment and personnel, but the demands they are subjected to are increasing all the time. With support arm systems, control panels can be easily and accurately turned, lifted and swivelled so that operators can monitor their machine at any time. Nowadays, these systems should be quick to assemble, simple to adjust, suitable for individual installations, designed in a uniform way, capable of bearing high loads and must facilitate cable management.

Will Chip Technology Really Make Your Credit Card More Secure?

The government is promising to make your credit cards more secure. In fact they are going to require that every card have an embedded chip built-in by fall of 2015. The goal is provide better security than the old swiping method and hopefully avoid the problems of fraud caused by hackers at Target and other retailers.

Secure Data Destruction: 4 Ways To Destroy A Hard Drive

Are you looking for ways on how to destroy your hard drive? Here are some of them: Burning – While heat won’t destroy data it will aid in turning your platters into liquid piles. There are a number of ways on how to burn the device. One of the ways is by using standard fire. This can be in the fireplace or hobo barrel. All you need to do is to toss the device in the fire and then leave it there for some time.

WEEE Compliant Computer Disposals: What You Need To Know About Computer Disposal

Just like many other electronic devices, computers contain heavy metals that can be hazardous to the environment especially when they are improperly disposed. The devices also have sensitive information such as passwords, tax returns, account numbers and other personal information that can be dangerous if it falls in the wrong hands.

How Architects Can Benefit From High Quality 3D Rendering

This article explains how architects can benefit from using high-quality 3D rendering for their work. Today, 3D rendering is not only used for presentation purposes. It also used for marketing, planning, and other important aspects of the architectural business.

Recycling E Waste for a Healthy and Eco-Friendly Environment

Over the last couple of decades the usage of electronic products has grown in leap and bounds. Basically, major electronic items like laptops, PCs, mobile phones, televisions, etc. have made our lives much easier and it is now impossible to imagine our surroundings without these equipments. However, proper utilization and environmental friendly recycling of these products is utmost significant.

Advantages of Using BIM Services

The building industry landscape is fast changing across the globe. Gone are the days when you would call up your local builder, buy a small plot of land and then start constructing a standalone house to set up home at.

Trouble-Shooting Tips for Computer Freezes After Startup

There is nothing more frustrating than to have your computer freeze up after startup but if it does there are ways to fix it. There are many different reasons why this might happen that can include having defective hardware such as having a loose connection between the computer motherboard and hardware, having an infected driver, having faulty software which can include being infected with a virus, or having a bugged operating system which means your operation system may be corrupted.

E-Discovery Solutions for Small Firms: All You Need to Know

The ongoing volatility in the global economy has had dire consequences on both large and small enterprises. One of the areas that have particularly felt the heat is electronic discovery (e-discovery) – an infamously expensive and time-consuming aspect of the litigation process, once viewed as a matter of concern for only large cases and state forums.

Key Considerations to Working With a Document Management System

Many of the major document management systems present equivalent functionalities. Though the differences are often minor; there could be a specified service that seems to be utterly essential for the business and becomes a significant factor with regards to selecting among distinct document management systems.

How Organizations Can Restructure Themselves to Churn Out Home Grown Architects at a Rapid Rate

Even though there is a huge demand for quality architects in the market these days they still remain a scarce breed and they come at an ever increasing high cost. This article talks about how an organization can rethink its structure to address the underlying issue for scarcity of top architects and focus on developing home grown architects rather than depending on high cost lateral architects.

Best 5 Affordable Fitness Trackers

There are different means to keep up with good health and fitness level. One is hiring a personal trainer; that would cost you a lot and another is to look for fitness trackers. These trackers are popular gadgets that help you keep track of your health level. Whenever, you are out doing some physical exercise even as simple as a power walk would be recorded and measured. Opting for trackers is indeed cheap and the best option.

5 Reasons You Need a USB Drive Today

Today, you will find new software out there in the market every day – developers are cashing in on the increasing demand for apps while companies are trying to increase revenue. While a life without television, phones and computers was the way the world worked a century back, today it’s quite different. Unless you have already adopted to the cloud and store all your information over it, you probably are using these every day.

How To Really Get Rid Of Those Useless Temp Files

Disk Cleanup is a Windows tool that’s supposed to help you get rid of temp files and other junk, but it always leaves stuff behind. Learn how to get under the hood and remove the stuff that’s clogging your hard drive.

Process Drives Predictable Results, Lower Risk and Costs

In the business world and life in general, the concept of process is a boring and unpopular topic. Nevertheless, when we view proper planning and implementation of process as integral to our success, mishaps, unexpected outcomes and unforeseen risks are minimized and ultimately avoided.

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