2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: N-ALLyzer: From Nitrogen to ALL other nutrients

2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: N-ALLyzer: From Nitrogen to ALL other nutrients

N-ALLyzer: From Nitrogen to ALL other nutrients | CIMMYT, IFDC & Optionline Brazil

The N-ALLyzer app will assist farmers in making optimal economic decisions on fertilizer application rates, with minimal user input. Unlike the traditional nutrient calculations, the app requires simple mobile phone-based pictures of maize or wheat leaves and answer few key questions on farming, to generate fertilizer recommendations customized using big data analytics and simulations.

Finding a Reliable CD, DVD, Blu-Ray or USB Duplication Service Online

Whether you’re an amateur or professional musician, film producer, software programmer or just a business or individual that needs a run of CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray DVDs or USB memory sticks, once the master copy has been finalised you will be in need of a highly reliable, professional quality duplication company that can quickly and efficiently turn all your hard work, in producing the master copy, into however many copies you may need. The aim of this article is to assist you in finding a reliable and professional duplication partner.

Online Printing Services: Why Are They Beneficial?

You will enjoy multiple benefits when you hire an efficient online printing service provider. You can get multiple printing and design options and provide quality products at affordable charges.

How Will a Nearline Storage Solution Cut Costs and Speed Data Access?

When it comes to storing data, businesses have several choices: online storage, offline storage, and nearline storage. Most businesses use a combination of online and offline storage. However, many can further reduce their costs and improve data access by adding nearline storage to the mix.

Predictive Coding Is Like Self-Checkout

I am a “regular” guy and because of that I seek simple explanations of complex problems. So here’s one: Predictive coding is like self-checkout.

Choosing the Correct IT Company to Support Your Business Efforts

Choosing the correct IT company to support your business efforts can be difficult if you do not know what to look out for. When it comes to your business you have two options, keep the IT service in house or outsource it. In many ways it is far better to outsource the IT services to a company that really can support your needs.

What Are Computer Cabling Services?

Ever wondered about what computer cabling services are? Well you are about to find out.

Building a Secure Ethernet Network

To keep your networked devices running smoothly, make sure you build and maintain a secure Ethernet environment. Here are some definitions and tips to help you do so.

What To Look For in Monitor Color Calibration And Profiling Tools

Recent years have seen a proliferation of display calibration choices, particularly at the low end of the market, though as always you only get what you pay for. At the budget end of the market are complete hardware and software bundles comprising a measuring instrument and software that works with that instrument only. Higher-priced offerings tend to include software that supports a variety of measuring instruments and this software may also be available separately if you already have a supported instrument.

Is Your Business Data Safe in the Cloud?

Highly publicized events like hacked celebrity photos, credit card data theft from major retailers, and confidential business data loss from large corporations have drawn into question the security of Cloud storage, especially for businesses. From customer payment information to internal pricing policies to large commercial and government bids, the data that businesses keep is critical, and its loss could be devastating – just ask Sony. And it’s not only large corporations or financial institutions that should be concerned.

The Advantages of Using a MOSFET Over a BJT in a Switching Converter

Power supply engineers prefer MOSFET than BJT as a switching mechanism for switching converters. MOSFET have several advantages than BJT particular in ease of control, lower power loss and easy to bias.

Thinking Machines That Won’t Lose Their Nerve

I will be discussing the root of a problem that most data processors have. I also will be talking about possible solutions.

Explaining Some Things To Look For In An Integrated Security System And PSIM

We are fortunate in this era that modern technology has produced a lot of beneficial products and solutions. One of these advantages is integrated security systems.

Senior Friendly Computing Series: 5 Barriers to Senior Internet Use

What challenges restrict access to the internet for some Seniors? The internet is a robust resource for seniors for communications, information searching, entertainment, and transactions. This report identifies 5 barriers that influence the quality of life for that 65+ age group and who they are.

What Are Pseudo-Wires?

A Pseudo-wire is a mechanism used data networking and telecommunications that is used to emulate various services using packet switched networks with technologies such as Ethernet, MPLS (Multi Protocol Labelled Switching) and IP (Internet Protocol). It is often termed a Pseudo Wire and abbreviated simply as PW. Telecommunications and Data Network Services such as T1 / E1 lines, ATM, Sonet, SDH and Ethernet are the common services emulated using Pseudo-wires.

What Is PKI?

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is a framework of security services that allow groups of users to use secure communications through the use of public key security mechanisms. Those mechanisms fall into 3 main categories which are secure key exchange, authentication and encryption.

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