2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: Learning from NFC cards in emergency responses| IFPRI, ADM & CEPPAG

2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: Learning from NFC cards in emergency responses| IFPRI, ADM & CEPPAG

Learning from NFC cards in emergency responses| IFPRI, ADM & CEPPAG

This project proposes a pilot intervention using near-field communication (NFC) cards to deliver support during emergencies to households in Nampula province, Mozambique. Going beyond agricultural subsidy e-vouchers, these cards provide a wider set of choices, including agricultural inputs, food items, and health services.

E-Recycling – Tips To Choose A Responsible Recycling Company

With more and more companies coming up with newer and advanced electronic products, there is a need to recycling the E-wastes. Over 80 percent of computers and other electronics contribute to the E-wastes today.

Employing E-Waste Management Services for Safer and Greener Environment

With the development in the IT sector, the production and use of electronic devices has increased, leading to more e-wastes day by day. Many leading companies in the global telecom and IT sector generate huge amount of e-waste every year.

Data Destruction – Don’t Underestimate Its Importance

Data destruction is a modern day term coined to address the most sensitive issue of the existing technological age and that is mitigating the risk of data security breach. Data or information has become a more valuable possession for human beings than their physical possessions.

Verbal Violence and Virtual Bloodshed Demonstrate Isolation Effects of the Net

The inclination toward verbal violence and abuse in Internet discussion stems from the inability of the adversaries to face each other. With nowhere else to go, the conflict escalates, following a proven pattern of unresolved differences toward ever-increasing animosity. Although we might tend to think of this as an exercise in vigorous communication, it is, instead, evidence of the comfort of isolation by anonymity.

Mobile Devices: 8 Hazards Resulting From Excessive Use

Have you noticed that no matter where you go nowadays mobile devices are clearly visible in literally everyone’s hands? Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone only to find their body language reflects their desire to engage more with their Smartphone or computer notepad than with you? Here are eight hazards that can result from excessive use of your mobile device.

The Importance of Data Management for Business Today

Big data, as the name implies, is big. Massive, in fact, and it’s growing at a rapid pace each day. As big data grows, it becomes more difficult to manage and use effectively. In short, there’s simply too much of it. Big data can quickly morph from a valuable source of insights to an overwhelming beast. That’s where data management can help.

Fiberoptics Provide Fast and Efficient Technology to Businesses and Consumers

Fiberoptics are a new and innovative technology with many practical applications. Communications, sensor and power industries all use the technology to provide fast and efficient service to consumers.

5 Ways Cloud Computing Will Disrupt Your Job

This article talks about how cloud computing, the new technology in IT space, will affect your job. It discusses the ways in which the cloud will be used to provide products and services in the IT space.

Are Free Tools Really Free?

Quality free tools for computers are out there. Anyone who uses a computer uses some type of free tool.

WordPress Templates Business Themes – Choose Well For Commercial Success Online

Making a business website often involves nothing more than getting a WordPress theme. As a matter of fact, there are so many attractive themes available that choosing one seems to be a simple task. However, nothing could be further from the truth because you have to make your decision based upon how much help the website can give your business.

When Technology Turns Beastly

With technology I can circumvent the eye-to-eye situation by simply preparing and sending an email or text. Actually preparing is not truly accurate as I put far less thought and reflection into an email than I do a meeting. Sending messages instantly saves time and energy but there are inherent costs to consider. First, all of the visualizing described in the paragraph above disappears. No more faces and feet to observe and help with drawing conclusions. Instead there are just letters and words dashing hastily onto my screen.

Learn More About How to Choose Computer Parts

A computer is a device that is assembled with a combination of components and elements and is programmed to automatically complete logical and sequential operations. The term ‘computer’ is not any single part by itself but a ‘sum of many parts’ working together. The physical components or elements that can be seen and handled or felt are collectively called ‘computer hardware; these elements more or less constitute the computer system.

How Secure Is the Virtual Desktop for Your SME?

As we become more connected with our multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices, the growing options for many SMEs has seen a revolutionary change in the way we operate our IT provision. With many providers now offering access to the cloud and the choice of a virtual desktop, the one thing that many small and medium size businesses need to consider is how safe it all is. What is a Virtual Desktop?

The Basics of Wire Crimping in Cable Assemblies

It is important that any wire harness have a solid crimp attachment. Here are some best practices for a safe crimp.

File Management In An Operating System

In this article I take a brief look at how the operating system(OS) deals with files. Definition Its a collection of data that normally is stored on a secondary storage device such as a hard disk or floppy diskette. The operations performed on them An OS must provide a number of operations associated with files so that users can safely store and retrieve data.

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