2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: “Hola Talia” Boosting extension service through AI

2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: “Hola Talia” Boosting extension service through AI

“Hola Talia” Boosting extension service through AI | The Alliance for Bioversity International and CIAT & Tecnologico de Costa Rica

The project aims to create TALIA (Tu agrónoma/o lista/o con inteligencia artificial), the first agricultural advisory hotline operated entirely by state-of-the art AI. The team will train an established natural language processing technology to become a knowledgeable, always-available, and talkative AI-driven agricultural extension.

Physical Security Information Management: New Security Technology

Security event management in the IT security area has served as the connection that allows IT security to recognize false alarms from true which requires response and attention. Nowadays, most companies are applying these ideas into the physical security field, creating a greater vision into what is happening around and how to best manage a given incident.

How to Fix Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

There comes a time when you try to establish Wi-Fi connectivity but there is none. It seems like you are going through an annoyance that has no way out. However, if you follow some simple steps then you can get over connectivity issues and even fix them.

Laser Solutions to the Transport and Aerospace Industry

With mounting pressure to speed production, advanced polymer thermoplastic composites are rapidly gaining acceptance amongst both the automotive and aerospace industries. These polymer materials are strong and lightweight, making them ideal for reducing weight and meeting stricter fuel efficiency and crashworthiness regulations.

How to Fix Speed-Related Errors

From catching up with faraway friends to managing businesses, people are reliant on their computers for so many things. It is thus a source of great distress when a PC that used to function smoothly and speedily suddenly slows down to a snail’s pace.

How to Fix Windows System Errors

Windows users all over the world dread seeing error notifications when they use their computers. For those who aren’t well versed in the language of computers, being told that they have a “DLL, SYS, or EXE” error can be very scary, especially if they are in the middle of an important project, or if their computer is the repository of valuable data. T

How to Fix Common PC Errors

As any Windows user will know, a PC runs like a dream when it is new. It boots quickly, files and programs take practically no time to open, and everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

How to Fix Common PC Problems – Read More About It

If you are using Windows and you are experiencing some problems on your computer, do not call customer support just yet. If you know a thing or two about troubleshooting, you may be able to fix the problem yourself.

5 Maintenance Tips to Resolve Your PC’s Performance Issues

The consistency of your computer’s performance is greatly affected by its speed. It will not be running as fast as it used to when it was fresh out of the box.

How to Fix a Slow PC in Simple and Inexpensive Ways

A lot of people are already tired of waiting for a slow and creaking computer. With the coming holiday season, they already plan to upgrade their PC. However, you can avoid a costly purchase if you follow these fixes that you can easily perform.

Tips on How to Clean Up Disk Space in Windows

A few years ago, the storage capacities of hard drives were limited. At present, hard drives have improved and can already hold a lot of files. In fact, hard drives continue to get bigger due to the advancements in technology. Then again, despite such improvements, hard drives still seem to lack space. Users just do not seem to have enough space for all their files and programs.

How to Optimize Windows Registry

Your Windows registry is a collection of data for every software and hardware component in your computer. It is found at the core of your operating system and is created each time a component is changed or added. Your Windows registry is important because it captures vital settings and information that help your operating system function smoothly.

Windows Tools for Repairing Errors and Improving Overall System Performance

A computer may show different errors brought by its installed programs and hardware. These installations may also cause performance issues that hinder efficient computing. Fortunately, repairing errors and performance problems is possible with the right software.

Apps Without Programming? Yes You Can

Throughout history, disruptive innovations have changed how we run businesses and live our lives, from emails to cars to smartphones, and mobile applications are no exception. Nowadays, advances in technology have enabled people not only to consume it, but also be creators of it. The term Citizen Developer, first coined by the technology research firm Gartner, refers to the end users who create their own software for consumption by others in the workplace.

Things You Need to Know About Disk Drive Defragmentation

You might have been with computers for years now. And whenever you feel that your Windows computer is starting to act slow, or when you notice that there are error messages related to certain “dll” or system files, one of the first things that you might have to do is to defrag your computer. Even if you have no clear understanding on how it works or you only have a slight idea on the processes behind defragmentation, you will still do it.

How to Clean the Junk Files In Your PC

These are the unwanted or useless files that accumulate in your personal computer or laptop over time. They could use up valuable memory space that would lead to your personal computer becoming ever so slow. These unwanted documents or items could affect the total performance of your pc.

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