2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: FarmPhone for Sustaining Incomes & Market Access | ICARDA

2020 Inspire Challenge Finalist: FarmPhone for Sustaining Incomes & Market Access | ICARDA

ICARDA- Magasool & Gram Vaani

FarmPhone, is a smart IVRS-based, 24×7, vernacular, interactive platform that will bring together producers, agricultural laborers, primary processors for grains and pulses, traders and bulk procurers, resident associations, and transporters, and enable transparent and connected fair trade.

How to Remove Pop-Up Ads

Pop-up ads are usually annoying. While they’re mainly just advertisements, they may slow down your PC in more ways than one. Examples of pop-up ads include software advertisements, and banners that just come up whenever you open a program, or while you are surfing the web. Some even come with sounds that will definitely get your attention and make you look at them fast.

How to Fix a Computer That Turns on and Off

Have you ever seen your PC turn on and off while you are trying to use it? This usually happens even before the Operating System loads. Well, if this is the case, you probably already realize that your PC is experiencing a problem.

6 Things To Deem When Deciding Between In-House and Outsourced Mobile Development Teams

The first question that arises when an IT company decides to develop an application is whether to go with the in-house team or to outsource it to the mobile development team. Well, there are some good reasons to proceed on with either of the ways. But, make sure that you have chosen the right path.

What Is Machine To Machine Video Analytics?

One of the fields that truly had a big leap forward was in videos and video analytics. Previously, video analysis would require massive amounts of manual labor as systems would only be able to record video (and poor quality video at that). However, thanks to the advancements, video recording has improved clarity and analysis is now being handled by different systems. This kind of interaction between video recording systems, analysis of whatever was captured, and informing those who would benefit from the information is basically what Machine to Machine video analytics is all about.

How to Fix Wi-Fi Connectivity Error

Encountering a Wi-Fi connectivity error, which prevents you from browsing the internet, can be troublesome. While some use their wireless connection to simply go online for leisure and for checking their accounts on different social networks, others rely on their internet to attend to affairs that are more serious (i.e. comply with tasks for their regular jobs).

How to Fix Audio Errors

Turning on your computer to listen to your favorite song only to meet errors with your audio devices is not rare. If your speakers are not working as necessary, chances are, the device may be faulty. In many cases, however, you will discover that the source of the malfunction is not the hardware, but errors with some configurations as well as outdated drivers or corrupted DLL files.

How to Fix RSOD Error

Seeing an RSOD error or seeing your computer screen turn red is worrisome. You would be wondering whether the only solution is to prepare another bundle of cash to get it checked by a professional or purchase another PC entirely.

How to Fix Common PC Problems – Learn More About It

Below are some of the most common computer issues together with its causes and possible solution that PC users are having. This is the most common problem most users are experiencing. This could be caused by many frustrations, but luckily there is something you can do before replacing it.

Tips to Boost Computer and Start-Up Speed

Computers are made up of electronic components and circuits with firmware, application software and an operating system. If these components work the result is the optimal performance and speed of a computer. After several hours of usage, your PC many need a tune-up to get it back in good shape and run smoothly.

How to Clean Up, Boost, and Restore Your PC Performance

Every PC user may encounter a computer problem. Even the most stable, secure PC is not safe from failing hardware as well as buggy software and system errors such as missing DLL and exe files. Computer problems can affect your productivity and may cost you a lot of money.

A Solution to System Errors and Performance Issues: Clean Up Your Hard Drive

Computers performing at a crawl are most often due to a full hard drive. Programs accumulate with every use, taking up huge disk space. Get more free space and the speed of PC performance is likely to improve.

Most Common Problems on Windows 7 and How to Fix Them

Windows 7 remains to be one of the most popular choices of operating systems for school, office, and home use. Windows 7 is faster than the operating systems that precede it, and it is more efficient in making use of the computer system’s resources.

How to Fix Common Windows Problems

Having Windows problems when you are currently working on a very important assignment could be frustrating. However, one need not panic as these problems could be fixed in a jiffy.

Measures for Securing Data in IT Devices

Data IT security is important for both home and business computers. Client information, personal files, payment information and bank account details is information that can be difficult to replace. Furthermore, if such information lands in the wrong hands it can prove potentially dangerous to the company, exposing it to misrepresentation and fraud.

All About Disposing IT Assets For Organizations

Generally, they are 3 options of IT asset disposal, namely: selling, donating or disposing as waste. However, the process of disposing IT assets is not that simple because some of these devices, and particularly computers and laptops once held important data and information that could be deemed confidential. In addition, should that data get into the hands of the wrong people, the effects could be harmful.

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