2020 Inspire Challenge finalist: Big data in resilience of rangeland communities

2020 Inspire Challenge finalist: Big data in resilience of rangeland communities

Big data in resilience of rangeland communities | ILRI, ICRAF & ICARDA

This project aims to establish the first-ever global data platform, which will consolidate data on rangelands, including rangelands health, change, risks and opportunities for restoration from existing sources as well as from new sources such as satellite imagery and crowd-sourcing.

Take The Strain Of Your IT Infrastructure With Hosted Services

Do you sometimes struggle to get the support you need from your internal IT department? Signing up for Hosted Services will mean that you still have access to a fully supported energy monitoring application over the internet without the need for local installation, backup or the consequential IT constraints, therefore the strain is taken off your servers, allowing them to concentrate on the essential needs of your business. Using a service like this allows you to use the energy monitoring software in exactly the same way as you would locally but benefit from high performance hardware…

Why You Need Display Calibration AND Profiling To Get Color Right On-Screen

‘Calibration’ and ‘profiling’ are often used interchangeably in connection with getting accurate on-screen colour for photography, image editing and graphic design. They mean different things, though, and you need understand how calibration is done if you’re to get the best results from your monitor. This article explains software and hardware calibration, and what to look for in quality software.

Is There Too Much Information Available?

Sometimes, the hardest part of technology is managing and sorting all of the data. There are several aspects to how we view information and the importance of managing it in our lives and that we do not let the bad get to the best of us. This is true, in respect, for protecting our children and our loved ones.

Are You Aware of the Latest Tech News?

Are you worried about the safety of your online account? Do you want to protect your kids online? Have you ever wondered whether the smartphone technology, especially the batteries will become more efficient in future or not?

Technically It’s a Technical Translation

Having your product translated for an international market is a vital step in your business planning. Professional translation services can help with game localization, app and websites translation too.

All You Need to Know About USB Drives

If you still haven’t gone to the cloud, you are probably using the USB drives quite often. Most of the laptops these days, at least the higher end ones, do not have a CD-ROM. Instead, they all have USB slots so that you can easily use USB devices.

The Shadow Internet and How It May Affect You

Are you having trouble with your internet speed? Well, get a load of this. While the United States regards its citizens and their internet usage as something that needs heavily spying on and wanting to decide what can be accessed, they have an exclusive technology that allows data transfer to different locations at the speed of 100 gigabits a second..!

5 Facts About Emails That You Didn’t Know

We send and receive emails every day for our personal and work purposes, but we don’t know a lot of facts about emails. In this article you will find out 5 new facts about emails!

Creating GIFs – Learn How

The acronym ‘GIF’ is used to denote a Graphic Interchange Format. GIFs are small image formats in 8-bit or 256 color which can be downloaded from the Internet fairly quickly. They are extremely useful as downloadable files because of their small sizes and can be put together to create animated GIFs; on the downside, the picture quality is lower than other formats.

Emerging Embedded Technology – Career Guide

The vibrant benefits of choosing embedded technology as a career is revealed in this article. Above all the global electronic inventions, considerable impact is made by the embedded systems and its artificial intelligence. No wonder it is going to be the future technology.

Never Forget Your Passwords Again!

Learn a simple trick that will help your keep track of your passwords. You don’t need to be a techie or genius. You will never need any gadget or app to store them again.

Cultural Diversity and What It Means to IT Managers

Recently I sat in on a meeting between a group of IT developers (contractors) and Federal program managers. Just a routine project review. As I looked around, it struck me that we were really quite a diverse crowd.

When It Comes to Lagging Electric Car Sales, “It’s the Car Dealers, Stupid”

Electric vehicle sales in the US are slow because the dealers aren’t promoting them and drivers aren’t aware of the benefits to owning them. Current government incentives will help to boost demand but enticements for the auto dealers will also have to be part of the mix.

Making the Move to Microsoft Office 365

In recent years there has been an online revolution that has begun to benefit small and medium sized businesses that are looking for more efficient ways to work. The world is becoming more accessible and at the heart of this is the development of cloud technology that means we can work on the move with greater ease than ever before. The Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 It used to be that if you wanted the Microsoft Office suite you needed to install it manually on each computer with a disk and the chances of accessing everything…

CNC Precision Machining – Increasing Output of Industrial Units

When it comes to project development and improvement within the field of engineering, high-end technology should be utilized so that the best result will be achieved. Like the word ‘precision’, this term is related to engineering, which is a very important factor to ensure absolute fit for the goal.

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